Why choose runescape sliske?

I’m not meaning to start a fight or anything, I’m just genuinely curious: Why choose to follow Sliske? For one, he might not even be a god. Also, he seems to lie about most things, he killed Guthix, and he even tried to kill the player character. I find it strange that there even is a Sliske faction.Or did you just do it for the trollface banner?I ended up choosing Zaros for now, but I’m still pretty undecided.I hadn’t even noticed he’s followable until I saw your thread.Runescape Gold.I guess I’ll have to talk to Relomia and see what she has to say for Mr. Slippery (not that I want to follow him).

I’ve seen a few people follow him, I don’t really know why. I find it interesting that you can follow him. I’ve talked to the his emissary and she admitted to not knowing whether or not Sliske is truly a god.