Where is the software mode

I started playing Runescape a few years ago. As long as I can remember I played on software mode (graphics) and I could always play on high detail without any problem.

Now I am playing again for a few weeks after leaving rs for a while. I noticed that software mode is removed I coulnd’t come up with a single reason why that would be removed. (might have missed an update about it).

But I don’t think you would just remove it without having anything compensating it. If I runescape gold play in openGL I just lagg my balls off doesn’t matter if I play high or low.

For DirectX I also lagg not that hard, but it’s anoying and it’s also in high, low, fixed doesn’t matter.

I don’t see any good reason to remove the sofware mode. And I don’t see a reason why you would Jagex.

It hasn’t been deleted or anything, but they’re no longer fully supporting it.

You can get into software mode by holding down the S key whilst you’re loading up the game. Also, you can check out this thread for more info about the change: Display Mode Changes