When I found RuneScape, this was what it looked like

12 years ago, RuneScape hit the web.
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For the seasoned veterans, I’m sure this sends a surge of nostalgia right through your system. For people like me, who stumbled upon the game a little later on, we can only marvel at the simplicity.

And there it is. This is how it all began – the birth of a new kind of game. 2-dimensional avatars bustling about in a chunky, geometric world, this was RuneScape! Its creators cradled it in their arms and looked upon it in awe. We did this!

When I found RuneScape, this was what it looked like:
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2007. Our promising little baby was growing up. Its physical features were changing; it was becoming more intelligent and had begun to take its first steps. For us, it marked the good ol’ days. In fact, we missed it so much that hundreds of thousands of us voted for it to come back! We grew tired of the way RuneScape was growing with all these updates and additions. In our eyes, they ruined the game we loved. The return of 2007 couldn’t have come at a better time. But is abandoning ship really a legitimate way of settling our qualms with the current game? I’m not sure if we should plunge ourselves back into history so readily in what is essentially a brief, reckless phase of nostalgia.

Eventually, but surely, 2007 will run its course and people will start to crave new content. Even the enthusiastic PvPers that are so abundant now will begin to feel a slight rumble in their stomach. A hunger for something new will ensue. Those of us that enjoy questing and testing ourselves against the mightiest of monsters are probably already feeling the emptiness.  It’s only a matter of time before people start to roam the lands of 07Gielinor, aimlessly in search of something to do. But while all the new content is being pumped into RuneScape modern, the year 2007 really will feel like 6 years ago. We need new content! They’ll shout. RuneScape 2007 might even begin to look a bit like 2008 – and then 2009. Ironic, don’t you think?

Despite all this, a lot of negativity comes Jagex’s way when we discuss RuneScape’s evolution. From forum to forum and thread to thread, you can hear the outcries of a confused, frustrated community. We argue that the Evolution of Combat is nothing more than a plague to what was once a great game. We insist that RuneScape has been destroyed by its creators. We claim that the game should return to how it once was and everything will be fine. Runescape 2007 GoldAll people want is to go back to when times were good.  It seems that so many people want to sit stagnantly, frozen in time, to enjoy what once was. Don’t you see that without huge, risky changes to the game, like EoC, we’ll get bored? Recently I’ve been taking some time to just think about the game as it is now. I’ve taken a step back to see RuneScape for what it is and by God it’s beautiful. … Change is a necessity.

The game has so much more to offer now than it did 5 years ago. If RuneScape just stopped changing for 5 years, I’m willing to bet that instead of campaigning for an older version of the game, we’d be campaigning for new content. We should be thankful that we have a hard-working, innovative, and not to mention humble, design team who try to create a product that never fails to satisfy our needs. They never let our water-skins run dry. Sure, EoC has its problems. I’m not saying that RuneScape is without its flaws but I’m suggesting that RuneScape’s development over the years has been wholly good. We’re consistently overloaded with new bosses, new quests, new weapons and armour and equipment that motivate us to reach for the top. For lower levels too, they haven’t missed out on any luxuries, experience rates are higher than ever before and there are numerous rewards to be obtained if you know where to look. And the best part is, there’s undoubtedly a lot more in store.

So please, before you start complaining about the current game, take a second to think about all the implications of boycotting change and progress. Runescape Gold Instead of vilifying Jagex for continuing to push the game forward, we should be saluting them for never hesitating to go out on a limb and provide breath-taking new content for us throughout the years. In such a hostile community, I think they deserve some recognition for their outstanding achievements with RuneScape. As much as we’d like to deny it, RuneScape is better now than it could ever be; most of us just haven’t realised it yet.