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A great deal of people complained about not getting a Halloween Scythe, and Jagex decided not to have another item drop after that.In order to get a Holiday item, you need to trade from another player. All tradeable holiday items are quite expensive.It is usually believed that RS cheats and hacks are obtainable but this is not true. The fact is that Runescape games are the most secure games obtainable and there’s no codes for Runescape.

This new gear might looks truly spectacular, and works much like Void Knight armour.Please read on, you will find the explanation simple. Being a p2p member for 7 years & having a broad network of friends on Runescape, I can tell you now with confidence there will be many yet to follow my path from feedback received within the game unless Jagex is quick to react to consumer needs.

the body armour can be paired with melee, range and magic-specific helms, each giving a 10% accuracy bonus in its style.It requires no less than 80 Defence to wear, the completion of The Brink of Extinction, and its stats are suitably spectacular: equivalent to Torva armour, with additional damage reduction per piece against creatures within the TzHaar City and its surrounding PvE minigames.