This was one of the main lurer base spots worldwide in RuneScape

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The Jolly Boar Inn is a two-story bar and inn located north-east of Varrock, on the southern border of the Wilderness. It contains a range and a spawn point for thread. The bartender only sells (ordinary) beer for 2 coins each.

The bar contains Johnathon from the Family Crest quest. In the early days of RuneScape 2, this bar was the location of Dr. Harlow, an important character in the Vampyre Slayer quest. He was moved to the Blue Moon Inn because newer players had a hard time finding the bar and would often wander into the nearby Wilderness. A man upstairs and a woman downstairs, though they both walk normally, act drunk when you talk to them, conversing with a player about how there are two of them and mumbling about “giant hairy cabbages”.

A Black Knight and a Thief also wander around the inn, but the knight is not aggressive, unlike those at the Black Knight’s Fortress. The Bartender of the Jolly Boar Inn will say that the Bartender of the Blue Moon Inn is crazy because he thinks RuneScape is in a computer game. A Cook resides in the inn, on the south-east corner, cooking something on the range.

Before the Wilderness update, this was one of the main lurer base spots worldwide in RuneScape, and it was also a prime place for PK to go if they needed to heal or take a break from fighting. It was also used during the 2009 Thanksgiving Event’s Cryptic Clue Fest, where both the inn and its bartender played a part in the second clue.The Jolly Boar Inn and the Blue Moon Inn is often chosen by many RuneScape players for party events.

Interestingly, with the release of the Honky Tonky music tracks, the unlock hint for Honky Tonky Parade read “This track unlocks at the Boar’s Head Tavern instead of the Jolly Boar.On Monday 25th, Thursday 28th, and Sunday 31 October 2010, the Jolly Boar Inn was used for the Alpha Base program during the Zombie outbreak.

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