This is what happens

This is why you never refunded lost items jagex. You knew that once you did, people would start making threads asking for their items back every time they died to lag. You knew this jagex, and you did it anyways. Now look… We’ve got a recent updates forum with over 50% of the threads on page 2 locked.

The people who died said ”OMFG this lag isn’t my fault! its ur fault I died jagex! Gimme my 200m that i lost!!!” You actually caved. You could have just told them that it was their fault they were risking 200m and they should have recognized and accepted the risks of bossing with expensive gear. You didn’t put your foot down. Now everyone thinks that they deserve their stuff back. People think that they are entitled to never risk anything.

Look what you’ve done

I was fighting cockroach soldiers and tried to heal myself with my full inventory of cooking apples but I couldn’t eat them. Then I died, due to server lag. I demand my apples back.