Temporary boosts for Potions in RuneScape

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Herblore is a members-only skill that allows players to make their own potions. Druidic Ritual used to be needed to be completed to start training the skill but after an update, the quest is no longer necessary to start training the skill. Herblore is considered one of the most expensive skills to train.

A Greenman’s ale will temporarily boost Herblore by 1 level. Greenman’s ale can be bought in the Yanille pub or brewed using the Cooking skill. 26 Construction is required to build a beverage barrel of Greenman’s ale in the kitchen of a player-owned house. A Greenman’s ale does not stack with a spicy stew.

A Mature Greenman’s ale will temporarily boost Herblore by 2 levels. This can only be made by brewing using the Cooking skill. A Mature Greenman’s ale boost does not stack with a spicy stew.
Brown Spicy stews can be made after Freeing Evil Dave in Recipe for Disaster. These may randomly boost or lower Herblore by up to 6 levels, depending on the amount of brown spice used.Using the ‘Boost’ option on the Herblore cape will temporarily increase your level by 1, up to 100/99.

Upon the release of Solomon’s General Store on 17 July 2012, players can purchase an alternative animation for herblore that plays whenever a player mixes a potion. This animation costs 176 runecoins.With good concentration and the use of mouse keys, it is possible to make upwards of 1800 potions per hour, or 30 potions per minute

In the game’s fictional history, the skill owes its name to a temporal paradox. In the Meeting History quest when the player has travelled back in time and talks to the creator of the art, they mention Herblore and she replies by saying that that is the perfect name. This is a paradox as the player only mentioned this because they knew it from their own time but it appears they were the original inspiration.

This paradox is known as a jin, where objects has a circular time line, where a person receives an object or information from or due to a person and later goes back in time to give the object or information to them and have it age until it reaches the person that sends it back in time. In fact, the invention of the skill itself exists in a non-linear paradox – as, in the linear path of time, the creation of Herblore isn’t mentioned. It is only after we alter events that lead to the present that Herblore is created.

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