Runescape Combat Beta Update Based on Players Feedback and Gameplay

A batch of updates to the RuneScape Combat Beta was made by Runescape Team, based on players feedback and gameplay on the beta servers.You can log into the Combat Beta right away to put these changes through their paces, or read on for full details!There were three stand-out changes from your feedback that have been brought into effect today:

Runescape Combat Beta Update

Life point bonuses have been removed from the majority of armours – apart from Nex sets and upwards.
Critical chance has been removed, in place of strength bonuses that will increase your max hit.
Special attack hit chance now scales with your levels.
We’ve also brought in a batch of changes to abilities:

Quake now deals 188% weapon damage and the debuff is more effective.
Havoc now drops enemy prayer and deals up to 125% weapon damage, has a cooldown of 10 seconds and shares that cooldown with Smash.
Havoc and Decimate no longer share a cooldown.
Wild Magic now deals 40-188% weapon damage with each attack.
Slaughter now hits five times.
Deadshot and Massacre’s damage-over-time effects now deal 313% weapon damage.
Interrupt abilities now always deal up to 100% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
Stun abilities now always deal up to 200% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
Stun immunity no longer affects the damage dealt by interrupt/stun abilities.
Last but not least, here’s a list of smaller, more specific changes that we’ve made today:

Scaled healing based on Constitution level has been removed from food.
Food now triggers a global cooldown, and no longer drains adrenaline in PvE.
Resonance’s healing now scales with the level of shield equipped.
Bakriminel bolts’ focus can be changed during combat.
Poison now takes off-hand weapons into account when dealing damage.
Adrenaline bars will now show again in PvP.
The abyssal whip special attack now drains 100% run energy.
Poisoning the dark energy core at the Corporeal Beast will slow it down.
A combat level restriction of plus or minus 40 combat levels has been added to Bounty Hunter.
As always, give us as much feedback as you can over on the forums – it makes all the difference as we continue to develop EoC.


Make RS Gold With Gold Ore Guide on RuneScape

You will be able to mine and bank and make runescape gold, without smelting.


First:You need go to Faldor.

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step

Then:Go down the staircase next to the party room (Dwarven Mine).

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step

After:Mine the gold ore next to the guild door. It takes a long time to spawn.

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step

And Then:When full go up to the surface and bank it. Level 15 dungeoneering is recommended for the deposit box in the resource dungeon

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step

Before Last:Repeat steps 2-4 until you get bored or think you had enough.

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step

Last:You can go to Varrock and sell on Grand Exchange for rs gold.

Make Money With Gold Ore on RuneScape Step



How to Merchant RS Gold Quickly in RuneScape

Many players merchant in RuneScape to make large amounts of runescape gold quickly. Good bets for buying and selling change often, but this article will teach you some basic principles for becoming a successful RuneScape merchant that you can use at any time in the game.

First: Make Momentum Trades for Short-Term Profit

1.Choose rare items. Rare items such as party hats, Halloween masks and Santa hats have appeal because they are only available in a finite quantity. These items disappear every day as more players lose them and retire from playing.

Runescape merchant step


2.Buy new items. New items are good for short-term trades because finding a true price on the Grand Exchange (GE) takes a while. Also, merchants can easily sell new items at a premium to players who want to have the latest thing.

Runescape merchant step

3.Merchant speculative items. If merchants are working together to drive up the price of an item, don’t buy in unless the items has skilling value or value as a weapon or armor. Only trade speculative items for the short term, because many people will jump in and drive up profits, but the price fall when everyone sells will be precipitous.

Then: Make Fundamental Trades for Steady GP Flow

Runescape merchant step


  • Choose items with multiple uses. For instance, a yew log can yield experience points for buyers who want to stretch bows, or it can be used to make fires. Items with more flexible uses will always be in demand.
  • Consider supply and demand. You want to trade items that people cannot access as easily, but you also want to avoid low supplies of rare items. Also, you want items that everyone needs, not just items for a niche of highly-skilled players.
  • Pick an item that allows you to invest a significant amount of capital. Because buy limits will only allow you to purchase a certain number of items per day, buy something that is more expensive as opposed to a cheaper item. A 5 percent return on 1,000GP is not as high as a 5% return on 10,000 GP. Just be sure not to spend all of your assets on 1 item.
  • Balance your patience with the item’s volatility. If you want to buy and hold, pick items that rise gradually in price. If you want to take a risk, buy an item that fluctuates rapidly in price. Just remember that more volatility means both more chance for wealth and more risk for loss.

Last: RuneScape Buying and Selling Strategies

Runescape merchant step

  • Use price averaging. Order some of an item at 99GP, some at 97GP and some at 95GP. If the price goes up and you flip the item, you’ll make a bigger profit overall.

Runescape merchant step

  • Buy high-value items below price. Set orders starting at 5 percent below the GE price. Slowly increase your offer until someone bites. You’ll find out the floor price for which others will sell the item, and you’ll save GP.

Runescape merchant step

  • Sell high-value items above price. Set your price at 5 to 10 percent percent above the GE price. Then, drop it gradually until someone makes the buy.
  • Buy single commodities to test prices. For example, buy 1 lobster and test the price instead of buying 100 lobsters before you know the direction that prices will go.
  • Use odd pricing. Most people will set prices on even numbers, like 20,000GP. If you set your price at 19,997GP, you’ll beat their offer. If you’re lowering your offer on an item that you want to sell, always lower it in odd increments.

Runescape merchant step

  • Set a price floor. If you have enough extra GP and one of your items starts to free-fall in price, then make a huge order for the item to stop the price from decreasing. Then, when you’ve cornered the market, sell your items gradually to avoid causing the price to drop dramatically again.
  • Specialize in a few items. Don’t always try to guess what the hottest item will be. Get to know 2 or 3 items and become familiar with their price ranges. For those items, you’ll be able to spot a good deal quickly.
  • Set a hedge. When you invest in a certain item at 150GP, keep buy orders in the exchange at 140GP and sell offers at 180 rs gold. When your buy or sell offer hits, you’ll be able to predict the path that prices are headed, and you can decide whether to sell out quickly or whether to keep buying.

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The Most Complete Runescape Weapons Guide

There are many skills and over one hundred quests you can do in Runescape – you can make many new friends and have Runescape adventures with your friends. This guide talks about one of the most important features of the game.

Runescape weapons

Best Runescape Weapons
What people perceive to be the “best Runescape weapons” largely comes down to personal preference and also depends on how much you play Runescape training your combat and what sort of stats your characters has which can vary greatly from player to player. More attacks and weapons can be used the higher your level in a particular combat skill. Let’s start with melee:

Runescape Melee Weapons
First time fighters will have level one attack. This is the only skill required for wielding weapons, but people try to raise their strength, or they will only hit low amounts of damage. At level one attack you can wield only bronze and iron weapons. Both are very inexpensive, but at the same time are not very good weapons.

Runescape Range Weapons
Range is the simplest combat form, the least expensive, and the fastest and most accurate. All you need is a bow and arrows and it requires two hands. At different levels of range you can use different bows and arrows. There are long bows and short bows. Short bows are preferred as they are faster and more lightweight while the longbow can shoot farther distances. There are also crossbows and their bolts which I will go over later.

Runescape Magic Weapons
Probably the most favored combat skill for player-killing and quite complex for the game of Runescape. While magic can be used for fighting, it can also be used for other uses such as teleporting, changing the appearance of some items, helping others, and much more! While there are no magic level requirements for using different magical objects, you need magic levels to use different spells. Since this guide is about combat and weapons, we will only go over spells and items that can be used to fight:

Runescape Special Weapons – Dragon Weapons
Dragon weapons, and almost all special weapons, are P2P only. All Dragon weapons require a quest to acquire them and level 60 attack to equip them. They are red in color and have their own special attacks. Special attacks can be used by clicking the fighting style menu and highlighting the green bar at the bottom. When in combat, you will use that items special ability and drain part of your special energy bar. When your bar is empty, special attacks can no longer be used until the bar has recharged.

Other special Runescape weapons include:

Abbysal Whip – transfers 10% of your opponents energy to you.
Granite Maul – Instantly attacks enemy even if you just attacked them
Excalibur – Raises your defense temporarily by 10%
Seercullbow – Inflicts damage plus reduces the magic level by the number of damage inflicted
Darklight – Reduces an opponent’s attack, strength, and defense
Magic Longbow- An accurate shot that will definitely inflict damage
Magic Shortbow – Two quick arrow shots, but will hit with less accuracy
Crystal Bow – Does not have a special attack but is 80% more accurate than a magic longbow and hits higher than rune arrows and it does not use ammo
Rune Throwing Axes – Will hit many enemies in a multi-combat zone
Rune Claws – Temporarily increases strength and attack for that hit, but slower
Rod of Ivandis – Captures a Vampyre Juvinate that has low health (1/3), allowing you to use a Guthix Balance potion on it
Bone Dagger – Lowers opponents defence by the amount of damage you inflict. Has a very good chance of hitting an unsuspecting opponent
Dorgeshuun Crossbow – Same as bone dagger

Runescape Kebbit Locations

Common Kebbit – The common kebbit can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter area near the location marked in the screenshot below.

Location of Common Kebbit Burrows in Runescape

When catching a common kebbit, you’ll obtain bones, common kebbit fur, and raw beast meat. This fur can be taken to the Varrock Fancy Dress Shop to be made into wood camouflage gear, which improves your hunting success rate in the entire Piscatoris Hunter area. While not nearly as in demand as polar kebbit fur, you can still pick up around 300 gp for each piece on the Grand Exchange.

A successful catch will yield bones, raw beast meat, and Feldip weasel fur. The fur is used as a component for jungle camouflage gear, which can be a great help if you plan to do a lot of hunting in the Feldip Hunter area. Other than that, the fur isn’t worth much and only sells for about 20-25 gp on the Grand Exchange.

Feldip Weasel Hunting
You can start tracking the Feldip weasel once you obtain Hunter Level 7.


Razor-Backed Kebbit – Like the common kebbit, this creature can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter area near the Falconer.

Location of Razor Backed Kebbit in Runescape

There’s quite a big level jump here as you’ll need Hunter Level 49 before you can start tracking razor-backed kebbits. However, if you have a Fletching Level of at least 42, you can make some real good money here. Instead of fur, the razor-backed kebbits drop long kebbit spikes. One long kebbit spike can be fletched into 6 long kebbit bolts, each one selling for around 160 gp on the Grand Exchange. The best part is that if you take a chisel with you, you can stay out forever without having to run back to the bank since bolts stack in your inventory – you can just fletch them as you obtain them.

Desert Devil – This kebbit can be tracked and caught in the Uzer Hunter area, southeast of Al Kharid.

Location of Desert Devil in Runescape

Similar to other kebbits, a successful catch of a desert devil will leave you with bones, raw beast meat, and desert devil fur. The fur can be taken to the Fancy Dress Shop and used to make the desert camouflage gear which improves your hunting chances in (yep, you guessed it) the desert region. The Grand Exchange price for this item is generally somewhere around 110-115 gp.

Desert Devil Tracking
Once you reach Hunter Level 13, you can start tracking desert devils. If you don’t have access to the fairy rings, this may be the easiest area to reach on foot. It also has the advantage of not being too terribly far from the Al Kharid bank. However, make sure that you take water skins with you out in the desert or you run the risk of dehydrating and dying.

Earn Millions of Gold Parts in RuneScape through Skills

Gaining gold items is necessary for accelerating in the game of runescape gold. Some gamers in this well-liked MMO may locate that making thousands of gold items is a daunting job. There are several simple and fast means to make RuneScape thousands. Paid participants have the most opportunities for making quick gold. However, there are also methods completely free players to gain thousands of gold items in RuneScape.

rs horse

The best capabilities to make thousands of gold pieces in RuneScape are extracting, fight, food preparation, crafting, miracle, smithing and woodcutting. Each of these skills is readily available totally free RuneScape players. If you’re a RuneScape participant, you could likewise gain millions of gold items by fletching, thieving, hunting and slaying. Improving your dexterity abilities will certainly additionally assist you to earn rs gold, considering that some journeys require a high speed degree to finish. You could make use of these abilities to make items to cost gold in RuneScape, or you could utilize them to combat animals in the computer game to make sure that you can gather beneficial items that they go down.

rs fire

There are numerous journeys that supply gold items as a reward. The All Fired Up pursuit and Olaf’s Journey both have a gold reward of 20,000 gold items. To save time, you ought to complete these quests progressively as you work with various other activities within RuneScape. You could discover journey walkthroughs and overviews on websites such as Suggestion. it and Sal’s World of RuneScape. You should deal with your capabilities such as battle, strength, assault, self defense, petition, firemaking, farming, woodcutting, slaying, hunting, angling, mining and additional to qualify to complete greater degree missions in RuneScape.