NHL 18: DualShockers Talked With Kwong About NHL THREES Mode

DualShockers talked with NHL 18 Producer Clement Kwong about the NHL 18’s new NHL THREES mode at a recent EA SPORTS event. They discussed about the reason that’s why they brought mascots to the game, as well as what inspired you guys to add NHL THREES to NHL 18?

NHL 18

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TF: Why were mascots brought back in full force, and especially highlighted in NHL THREES?

CK: Mascots really aligned well overall with the feel and goal for the mode. In terms of we wanted the mode (NHL THREES) to be a spectacle, we wanted it to be over the top, and that’s why we got a new presentation package, new commentary.

” A the development cycle went on, and we had more hands-on time, it definitely felt like it was a good competitive experience with multiplayer.”

TF: Tomas Franzese: What inspired you guys to add NHL THREES to NHL 18?

CK: We were trying to concept and design new experiences for NHL 18, was that we want to create a brand new experience that can differentiate itself from the authentic 5v5 gameplay, and make something that was very shareable. I’m not necessarily a basketball fan, but I love playing NBA Jam, especially in college with my buddies.

“We’re really fortunate, both as developers and as hockey fans, where guys like Matthews were lighting it up, and all of sudden that’s an opportunity for us to showcase people’s creativity.”

TF: You have been taking a lot of fan feedback throughout development?

CK: For sure. Even way before the beta, we have our Game Changers program where select members of the community come in, help give us feedback with what’s already there, and help tune the experience. That’s been a great asset for myself and the development team.

“It’s really informative, it’s not just about mechanics in the game, but we are going to teach fans more about the sport as well.”

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NHL 18: Amazing Puck Physics And Different Types Of Pucks

Most of gamers deem that NHL 18 feels better than it ever has that’s owing mainly to the enhanced puck physics and some of the new moves you’re able to perform against defenders. In regard to the game’s improvements details, you can find on this following video, if you have more new expectations and needs, reference from here.

NHL 18

NHL 18 Gameplay – Amazing Puck Physics And Goal

NHL 18 will be available to play worldwide from September 15th 2017 onwards. For this year’s NHL 18, it’s yet another solid entry in the franchise’s history. It’s important to note that the money puck is a brand new concept to the EA SPORTS NHL series and is exclusive to NHL THREES. However, while playing a game of NHL THREES you will notice this under the scoreboard:

NHL 18

There are three different types of pucks and you can see them all in the above screenshot:

Positive(Orange) – The value on the puck is how many goals it is worth(max = 3)
Regular(Black) – Just a regular boring puck that is worth +1 goal and nothing else
Negative(Blue) – Gives you +1 and then takes away goals from your opponent depending on the puck value(max = 3)

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NHL 18 Closed Beta: Now It’s Time For Experience NHL 18

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NHL 18

In NHL 18, gamers can too take part in an expansion mode, which is a branch of franchise mode called. New cities, creation of your own mascot, and drafting from multiple teams gives the full encompassing of being a brand new team. This gives a different, more realistic approach to going through a season with one team in virtual reality.

An arcade style version of the base game itself, 3 v 3 is an easy way to accelerate scoring and make the game even more free-flowing than it already is. No offsides, no icing, and less clogged ice leads to easier offense for players wanting a slightly unconventional game mode. Further information about NHL 18, pay attention us and you will see more latest news.

Starting July 25th through August 1st, the NHL 18 Closed Beta will be available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for players who have registered with a code. This will be your only chance to experience NHL 18 before it hits stores September 15th, 2017. Do it all with the most co-op and competitive multiplayer options ever in an EA Sports NHL game. NHL is one of the most fun EA Sports gameplay.