Family Drama Will Add A Lot Fun To Madden NFL 18

We all know that Madden NFL 18 has launched a new story mode recently, which was welcomed by a lot of Madden 18 fans, they think the story mode will make Madden 18 more interesting, but do you know Which Feature is interesting or not in Madden NFL 18 Longshot mode? Today I will come to introduce one of the interesting features, called Family Drama.


While it is possible to understand some of the background of the family drama in order to exercise the role and be familiar with the player’s fight, but may also potentially stifle the story after each game, the player is treated as a similar scene, home character conflicts with some family members.

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The First Story Mode in Madden 18 Was Released Called Longshot

Almost a year, and Madden FL 18 is almost here. When we wait patiently for this year’s version of the game, today the word is like Madden NFL 18 announces the first story mode. The new features of the game add a whole new element that offers a unique new gameplay.



This pattern is called “Longshot” and features Mahershala Ali, J.R.Lemon and Scott Porter. This story is salvation, where you have the opportunity to influence the forgotten NFL potential customers Devin Wade’s journey. The story graduated along Devin along his high school, he tried the last shot and heard his name in the NFL draft. Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali played Devin’s father, the actors were some of the legendary interpretation of the NFL. View the trailer in the video below and explain it after jumping.

Although Madden players has different evaluation for Longshot, some think this is a very good game mode, to the original boring rules of the game to add storyline, make the game more interesting, but there are players that this will let the game lost game the core content, they still like a single game plot.

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