Madden 18: NFL Fans And Gamers Can Play Their Way To The Super Bowl

Fans able to attend the Madden 18 gameplay. EA Sports has brought Madden 18 to the next level of gaming graphics by jumping to the Frostbite Engine. Madden 18 doesn’t add too much in terms of gameplay and its controls, it does an amazing job incorporating changes from past games and making it simple for anyone to understand especially in-game. We remind you that cheap madden 18 coins for sale at U4GM.

Madden 18

Longshot isn’t all cutscenes, though, as there are quick time events, dialogue choices and minigames to get through and a lot of those choices affects the ending of the story. MUT has become very popular in Madden circles and those who enjoyed it in past years will enjoy it in Madden 18. Madden 18 introduces some game-changing new features in Longshot and MUT Squads and they really usher in a new era for the franchise.

Longshot has opened up new and exciting possibilities for what Madden can do in the future and I’m confident that Madden fans old and new will take to Longshot. It shows players Wade’s character and performance grades as well as positive and negative notes about your decisions and performance in minigames. Not all dialogue choices affect your character score, but with the report, you can easily pinpoint which ones affect the story and your grade.

Longshot is Madden NFL’s first ever cinematic and playable story mode where your decisions lead forgotten prospect, Devin Wade on the pursuit to hear his name called on NFL draft day. NFL fans and gamers can play their way to the Super Bowl – if they’re good enough at the newest edition of Madden NFL 18. The Madden NFL Club Championship is open to any player with an online account and the game being released Tuesday on Xbox One and Playstation 4. For more Madden 18 news and any further discussions, you can visit here.

Madden 18: The Three Players Who Join The “Club 99” Includes Miller

EA has gone to town in terms of the options that are available, the highlight being the Longshot campaign. Madden 18’s big new arrival is an offline experience in shape of Longshot. The publisher has become the leader of the pack in terms of introducing story modes to its sports titles, and Madden 18 has embraced that fully. Collect rewards, and upgrade your team with daily, fun, and engaging content updates including legendary NFL players exclusively found in MUT. For full details, visit here:

Madden 18

Until now, Madden 18 has three perfect Madden players, based on high player ratings, let’s see the three player ratings and their more information.

The three players who join this year’s “Club 99” includes Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller, who managed to hit the prfect score in Madden NFL 18. Miller has mostly low 90s and high 80s for his base stats, including 87 speed, 89 accuracy, 89 agility and 84 strength. These stats allowed Miller to make the cut this year.

Second on the list is Los Angeles Rams’ defensive end Aaron Donald, who managed a perfect 99 rating thanks to his ability to put a stop to quarterbacks and have a strong start off the line thanks to his 91 block shedding rating, and his 96 rating for power moves. Uproxx rolled out his base stats, which included a 90 for awareness, 83 for speed, 90 for accuracy, 82 for agility and 94 for strength.

The third and final entry in the “Club 99” for Madden NFL 18 is none other than cover-athlete Tom Brady, who has been in the news top to bottom for his all-star performances over the last few years for the New England Patriots. He has 99 awareness, but his speed is only 62, his accuracy is 66, his agility is 67 and his strength is at 64, he serve as the cover of EA’s Madden franchise, he think this is a great honor for him. In order to get the latest updates, gamers are encouraged to visit here to get more details.

Madden 18 Exactly Like A Real Game And Patience Football Game

It’s said that Madden 18 will be bigger and better than all the previous games and will take this game series to a new level of success. You will be able to complete most of the offline content in the game, including the brand new story mode, and participate in the Madden Ultimate Team or MUT, where competitive players can take 3v3 matchups.

Madden 18

Madden 18 exactly like a real game, patience, hard work and also appropriate approach are keys to victory in video games and that is the case for Madden NFL 18. EA sports are attempting to enhance the miniature game with each new version introducing an increasing number of features.

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Madden 18 Is The First Game In The Series To Run On EA’s Frostbite Engine

The Madden football game series revealed the new franchise title, Madden 18. No surprises for anyone who follows the sport closely, Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, was chosen as the highlight of the game.

Brady was considered one of the big culprits for his team’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl LI, the final game of the NFL championship of the season that ended this year. Madden NFL 18 is the franchise’s first game to feature a story mode.


Dubbed “Longshot,” the campaign will accompany Devin Wade, a college football player who wants to become a pro and is struggling to do that. It will be made with Battlefield’s Frostbite Engine and will feature the presence of Maharshala Ali, Moonlight’s Oscar winner.

With that, Madden NFL 18 also marks the return of college football to the gaming world, something that has not happened since the NCAA Football franchise was discontinued.

Brady now falls victim to Madden’s feared “curse” as it is traditionally a bad thing to happen to athletes who star in the franchise. That was the case of Rob Gronkowski, also a New England Patriots player and featured Madden 17, who ended up injured this year and was out of the Super Bowl.

Madden 18 is the first game in the series to run on EA’s Frostbite engine. According to the company, the use of the new engine in the Madden series will allow a “visual leap” in the models of the characters, public and stadiums.

Madden 18 is released on August 25 and arrives on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More details on the game will be revealed at Madden-Store. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.