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Before buying, please add a player auction into FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 as direct purchase. The requested amount for the player has to match the ordered shop product. Duration of the player offer should be 3 days. The Ultimate Team name is NOT the name of the player’s club but your self-chosen name of your own team. The supplier will buy your player offer and thus you get the coins.

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Sometimes the delivery time may be altered due to out of stock. However, we can fulfill 90% of our orders within Seconds to 5 minutes after payment is received.

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After you listed the player and fill the information of the player, we will according the information, find the player you listed and buy it, the coins will appear in your account:)

How long can I get my coins after order?

Every customer praise our fast delivery because of the full stock in our site. It will take about 5 – 10 mins if we check all your informations are correct.

What is our refund policy?

Our sites respect our customer’s opinion, if you want to get a refund before delivery, please contact our Live Chat, they will do your refund immediately!

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If you haven’t got your coins for over 30 mins, that might we can’t find matching player based on the information you offer, or we found same player, please check your the email which you used to register PayPal (Payment Email) first, any further help needed, please contact us via live chat.

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We only accept paypal. Using paypal can reduce the internet fraud. PayPal accounts are integrated advanced management capabilities, so you can easily control the details of each transaction.

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A delay in shipping can be due to various reasons such as technical errors like internet down-time and incorrect or insufficient information provided. Therefore, it is very important that you supply us with a valid email address. We will not give your information to a third party.

What to do I still have some questions?

If you have any other questions, Please Feel free to email us as [email protected] for any other questions.

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3.If you have any questions about delivery and payment, please contact 24/7 Live chat online.

Tricks To Get FIFA 15 Coins Effortlessly

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Football is a reasonably brief video game, but an extremely thrilling one. It helps to keep yourself on the advantage of the chair up until the last moment. If you really are a FIFA lover, you will no longer need to wait around for a competition to enjoy a period of excitement and enjoyable. The FIFA 15 computer game guarantees hrs of enjoyable together with your footballer buddies.

If you’ve performed this game, you need to know about the guidelines regulating it. A bagful of FIFA 15 coins is the only solution to purchase gamers and enhance your squad. FIFA 15 coins can also be known as FUT coins or Greatest Group. A squad with higher-carrying out gamers raises the chances of you successful a competition and questing up via online months. Gamers frequently grumble they are lacking video game cash to purchase gamers inside the video game. If you’re one of these, here are a few enjoyable and ways to make FIFA 15 coins.

Perform Video games
It is really an simple and lawful approach to make FIFA 15 coins. For each complement you perform, you are going to get a specific quantity of coins being a compensate according to your speed and agility or your involvement. The compensate you get at the conclusion of each and every complement depends upon the kind of complement you decide to perform – traditional, online, solitary complement, competition or period. You need to total the complement to gather the compensate. The technique is enjoyable and simple, but provides in a tiny earnings.

Perform Months
Enjoying by way of a months are an additional approach to make FIFA 15 Greatest Group coins. In contrast to a reward quantity provided to you at the conclusion of each and every video game, this game benefits gamers with coins each time that participant finishes a period. The income are greater than for each video game income, but reduced when in comparison on the basic degree.

Attempt to Earn Tournaments
Successful tournaments enables a participant to consider home a larger quantity of FIFA 15 Greatest Group coins than merely playing video games or months. You are going to get this reward only if you earn the last complement. Therefore you need to provide the video game your very best up until the finish. Along with coins, you could also get packages.

Re-sell Credit cards and Packages
A player’s resources are symbolized by means of credit cards. The resources consist of ownership of home, gamers, technological employees and so on. Like you require cash to get these resources, you are able to re-sell these resources to improve your equilibrium of coins.

Buying and selling
The last approach to make FIFA 15 coins within the video game is via buying and selling -buying and selling real cash for FIFA 15 coins. This is actually the simplest approach to develop an unequalled squad, but ought to be done with some safety measures. There are lots of FIFA 15 coin retailers. You need to select a genuine one. Choose how numerous coins you require and purchase in a secure cost. Make certain you total the deal securely.

Hidden Ways to Earn FIFA 15 Coins for Coming FUT 15 TOTY

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FIFA 15 Team Of The Year(TOTY), as an important event in FIFA, is about to released on January 12th. The 55 nominees have been revealed early December. What should you do to prepare for the coming FIFA 15 TOTY?

If you’re a veteran of FIFA game, you already know the import of FIFA 15 coins to the successful football adventure of every gamer. Here, you would discover 4 most overlooked ways by which you can get an unlimited amount of the in-game currency, starting today.

1.Active participation in football games: There is no neutrality in a game. You can’t just sit still, buy coins, sell coins, and make money. If you don’t take part in tournaments, your game and team would lose value. The essence of EA Sports is to bring teams together, and they get rewarded for it. Winning a tournament game would earn you almost a thousand coins. So, when a tournament season arrives, get involved. Risk is part of the game. Put the fear of the unknown behind you; play your game the right way and you would earn rewards for every match you win.

2.Players: if you can build a team of skilled players, you would increase your chances of winning your matches, and this amount to extra coins for you.

3.Playing against the computer: apart from tournaments where you have to play against other FIFA 15 opponents, you can as well play against the game machine. This could earn you hundreds of coins if you win a match against the computer. Here are a few tip to beat the machine:

Select the right game opponent that you can match very well. If you choose a team side where the strikers don’t play a pass back after kick-off, you would find out that you have to do more tackling, thus increasing the chances for your opponent of getting more free kicks against you. Remember, your aim is to beat the machine.
Strive to have your shots from a distance that is close to the edge of box eighteen. It’s not alway good to dribble into the goal area. Be cute, but unpredictable.
Don’t play a fast game with the machine. However, don’t waste your time with ball passing from player to player. Ensure a moderate game pace and player speed.

4.Give and take: FIFA 15 game allows you to accumulate coins; and get a pack of contracts, kits, balls, and managers. You can also own cards of highly skilled players. Sometimes, you may have to sell them off at a premium. By so doing, you would get FIFA 15 coins added to your arsenal.

If you can follow the foregoing with passion, it wouldn’t take you so long to build a solid base for FIFA 15 coins, and you would be on your way to having endless fun in your gaming adventures.

Basic guide about FIFA 15 Gameplay

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These FIFA 15 gameplay tips can help you if you are the beginner. And you are a master, you can give me some advice.

Learn the Basics
Before starting getting a pro, learn the basics in FIFA 15. First off, download FIFA 15 manual. Go through all buttons and basic instructions. Then, try to do the skill mini games. This will help you to get comfortable and familiarised with the buttons as well as skill moves from goalkeeping to attacking. Once you have done these, you can start playing against AI (CPU) or a real player as in a multiplayer game.

I suggest you to start a season or a tournament (single or multiplayer). Starting a season will help you climb up the ladder step by step and become a pro as you promote to higher divisions.

Defending and Attacking
Defending and attacking in FIFA 15 have been changed and are different than in FIFA 14. It is better to lean how to defend before you try to learn on attacking. We have written an article on defending in FIFA 15. As for attacking tips, We also have written an article on attacking in FIFA 15. Read both instructions and go through the points given in them. Those tricks and guide will help you improve your offensive and defensive skills in FIFA 15 effectively.

And, don’t forget to be patient! – which is the key for winning in FIFA 15 matches. As mentioned before, attacking and defending mechanics are changed in this game. There were lots of complains from FIFA fans to EA regarding this (especially regarding the defensive mechanics). EA have improved the gameplay on defending in the latest update for FIFA 15 though.

Get Good at Set Pieces
Set pieces are good opportunity to score goals in real football. Same apples for in FIFA 15 gameplay. Free kicks and corner kicks are good opportunities for you to score goals. So, try to get good at them and learn how to make the most out of them.

Skill Moves
Knowing how to do FIFA 15 skills moves will affect your gameplay in a good way. If you’re new to FIFA 15 skill moves, you can see the tutorial video on FIFA 15 Beginner Skill Moves. For the new skill moves in FIFA 15, watch FIFA 15 New Skill Moves video.

Diving in FiFa 15

Learn How to Dive
Diving has been one of the most wanted features in FIFA 15 Wishlist last year. Now in FIFA 15 you can dive and draw a foul. This will help you to get your opponent penalised with a free kick or even a penally kick.

Here is how to dive in FIFA 15: To perform diving in FIFA 15, you need to be running on the ball and to to have our opponent’s defender(s) pulling your shirt or your hand. In such a situation, you just need to hit long pass (sliding tackle) button – Take note that it ONLY works when a defender is pulling or pushing you.

Throw in FiFa 15

Throw-in Tips
As long as the offside rule doesn’t apply for throw-in balls, a throw-in can help you to create a scoring situation. In FIFA 15, you are able to move the throw-in receiver by using the RS (Right Stick). To throw the ball to the receiver you need to push the short pass or long pass button – depending on the distance.

Throw-ins near your opponent’s box will give you opportunity to go for a cross or get a corner kick. Or at its best, throw the ball long in to the opponent’s penalty box so your receiver could head the ball directly to the goal.

Through the above steps you will be able to improve your FIFA 15 gameplay skills and get comfy with the new changes of the game.Of course,if you want to take a shortcut you could prepare FIFA 15 coins for games,and we are your best choice to buy FIFA 15 coins,you can find FIFA coins cheap and easy from fifa15-coins.com.

FIFA 15 how to make profit from coins


Making FUT 15 Coins without Any Risk
Do you want to know the easy way of earning coins on FIFA 15 without any risk.Here we bring you several ways of making fifa 15 coins. Surely, different people own different techniques but I will share some best ways to make riches with you now.

The most essential factor of the technique is to find out the price the player you will trade. It’s different from keeping an eye on the market and finding out the price other gamers post the player for. The majority of the players posted fail to be bought probably. Why you should know the price that a player really sells for is that you may know the price you will purchase the players for so as to get a profit.

After you have selected the player you will trade and chosen the price you will buy at, you may come to the transfer market and buy a large number of the unique player. How much you are able to buy determines the profit you can get. You should remember to be disciplined and never struggle too much with bidding wars.

As long as you buy a large quantity of the unique player, you can then post them up a market for a short term. Since you will possess a huge share on the player you are able to charge a little more than the going rate, efficiently leveling up the going rate of the players.

The last but not the least, once you are price fixing, you can discard several players at a bit cheaper price so that people will think they are obtaining a bargain. Never be too much worried about the formations of player. It is obvious that famous formations will be sold easily. Whereas, many people won’t check the player formation so you can sell your players out finally. When a great game is coming, watch targeting the player who’s involved. Once they own a striker their price rise will be seen on the market.

We have succeeded in making a lot of coins with the above techniques. We hope these will help you to be successful in getting what you want. If these are not enough, you can search for much information on our website fifa15-coins.com. Various types of easy methods are available to make sure you get the wanted money and enjoy yourself in the game.

How to easily get FIFA15 coins

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For play fifa 15, you must worry about how to get cheap fifa 15 coins, and how to get it easily and do not need more of your time? In fact to get coins in fifa 15 is very easy. And the following we will give you some information about it.

Shoot into the Net Directly
When you have the chance to shoot the ball in fifa 15, do not attempting to walk the ball into the net, you should shoot directly. If you attempt to walk the ball into the net, your ball maybe grabbed by your opponents, and when you are in the shoot on sight, you can score a goal easily. Do not worry about that, do it.

Know Your Strengths
To play fifa 15, you must know what you are good at. For example, if you are good at score a goal, you should score a goal when you have a ball and do not hesitate. And to choose the players who have strengths is also very important, know their strength, you can put them in the proper position and it is easy for you to get the fifa 15 coins.

Just pay attention to these now fast.Good luck for you.