Qatar World Cup Will be Opened in November

FIFA confirmed that Qatar 2022 World Cup will be opened in November of that year, while the finals will be carried out in December 18. And more FIFA 15 Coins in online, so all of you just come here for more fun! and more game enjoyment!

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FIFA Task Force to confirm the February Qatar World Cup will take place in the winter, FIFA Secretary General Walker is revealed in November tend to December. This decision is to avoid Qatar FIFA World Cup between June and July were hot, in addition, the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar decided to shorten the time to 28 days, instead of the usual 32 days.

UEFA was requested finals postponed until December 23 were, but opponents argue that it will lead to players and fans could not return home in time to spend Christmas, and postpone the final date will affect the club on Boxing Day race. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said in February: “The World Cup is not until the 23rd, certainly not, we will end on the 18th, I oppose the final 23 days..” Ultimately, the FIFA Executive Committee Week Four made the decision in 2022 World Cup finals will be conducted on December 18.

Qatar World Cup’s opening date has not been determined, but FIFA has been determined to shorten the game time, it means that there is likely to be held in opener Nov. 21. This decision means that the Premier League FIFA is still possible in the traditional Boxing Day competition. Another important decision made by FIFA on Thursday hosted by the French in 2019 Women’s World Cup. More convenient and efficient to buy fifa 15 coins, scan our QR code enter the mobile terminal.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team being Changed by EA

So, as everyone has seen, EA has changed ultimate team this week adding price caps on players to attempt to put an end to FIFA 15 Coins buying. They claim that they have done this to stop people gaining an unfair advantage over other players.

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I must admit there are positives and negatives to this new feature but overall I’m happy with it. If they keep an active eye on sales I do think that this feature can be a success (e.g. as players values drop near the minimum reduce their price range, as they approach their max increase the price range). By keeping on top of this they can still maintain a natural market with players still having their own value dictated by us the players rather than EA.

Like everyone though, I think EA picked a stupid time to implement this feature midway through the game as they have completely destroyed FIFA 15’s market. I can only assume they wanted to give it time to make the feature as good as possible in time for FIFA 16.

I’ve heard Youtubers like Nepenthez talk about a coin glitch which is responsible for all the FIFA Coins in the market which have supplied coin sellers with all the coins they are selling. I don’t know a lot about this but if it does exist it needs to be patched as its claimed that this is the route of the problem.

However, back to the claim from EA that this new feature is to make a “Level Playing Field” for everyone. I mean come on, who are they trying to kid? The main reason for them doing this is that other companies were making a fortune and they wanted a slice of the pie. Now with coin sellers out of the picture they will be getting more of the money again as people who want to fast track their way to a good ultimate team will buy FIFA POINTS.

If they really want to make a level playing field for everyone then FIFA POINTS have to go as well. Make it so no real money can be implemented into the game other than the actual purchase of the game. But that’s never going to happen.

Lets not kid around. This update has the sole purpose of further lining the pockets of the greedy capitalist pigs who run EA Sports. More convenient and efficient to buy fifa 15 coins, scan our QR code enter the mobile terminal.

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Will FIFA 2016 better than FIFA 2015?

We all know that FIFA 15 is a very popular football game, but do you know that the first FIFA video game was launched in 1993, which was the first football simulation game with an official FIFA licence. Many football fans fall in love with FIFA, which make FIFA developed very rapidly and become one of the bestselling games around the world. A great part of Electronic Arts’ profit comes from FIFA.

Nevertheless, as fun as FIFA is to play, it’s not without its faults. “What can make FIFA 2016 greater than its predecessors?” you ask. Well these are some of our thoughts on the subject matter:

better, FIFA 2016

Better Graphics

No doubt FIFA 15 looks great on the next-gen consoles but it still feels like something is missing. When you compare FIFA with other PS4 and Xbox One titles, you get the feeling that not as much effort was put into graphic fidelity. Better skin material and smoother looking models are some of the things that stand out. The hair system also feels like it’s from the last generation of consoles. Other than that the new stadiums and match day presentations look amazing. Taking advantage of the new DX11 graphics API can quickly solve this problem. Using Tessellation can smooth out models and you can use the new SSS shaders for a more realistic look.

Goalkeeper AI

Developers improved FIFA 15 goalkeeper animations but they forgot to improve the artificial intelligence. Sometimes it can be quite disappointing when long range shots seem to wiz past the keeper and into the back of the net. There are even some one-on-one situations where you feel like the keeper should have done better. Improving the goalkeeper AI would be a great addition for FIFA 16.

Online Multiplayer

The FIFA 15 launch was plagued by online lagging issues and it’s even worse on the PC version compared to the console version. When they release the new FIFA 16 we hope they use dedicated servers to help with the lagging. Online mulitplayer is increasing in popularity year-on-year, with scope to add many new features. In fact, popularity is growing so much that professional tournaments are being held online which can be viewed on sites such as Eventually, there may be enough interest for betting site such as to create a market for these tournaments.

Micro Stuttering and Bugs

PC gamers have a right to feel aggrieved because most games are console ports. Console port games tend to be buggy and FIFA 15 isn’t exempt from this problem. FIFA 15 for the PC had a specific bug where all players wanted to run into the middle of the field. Most probably FIFA 16 will be a console port, but they should optimise the game better to work with graphics card drivers, so as to eliminate micro stuttering and other bugs.
End-To-End Game Play

better, FIFA 2016

FIFA 14 was defence oriented, whilst FIFA 15 is more forward based. This means that games all look like end-to-end encounters, which has removed the realistic nature of previous FIFA titles. The reason we play FIFA is that the gameplay is one of the closest things to realism. In FIFA 16 they should carefully balance the two.

To conclude, FIFA 15 is the second release for the relatively new PS4 and Xbox one. Over the next few years the games are not only going to look better and better but they will have a more authentic feel. These are just some of the suggestions that we hope EA can implement for the next version of FIFA. It remains to be seen whether EA Sports will take note, but they’ll be up against heavy competition from PES if they don’t.

I firmly believe that FIFA 16 will be greater than it’s Predecessor. I’m a die-hard fan of the FIFA 15, i love it so much!

Wesley Sneijder makes the cut for the FIFA 15 FUT

There are always great players from a lot of football club around the world gather in one place on FIFA Ultimate Team every week. But this week the new star is no longer Premier League players anymore, here comes a new guy actually.

The collection of players available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team this week instead features one player who could be about to seal a move to top four contenders, Manchester United.

In Turkey, only one point separates first place from third as Fenerbahçe, Be?ikta? and Galatasaray vie for the Super Lig title.

Wesley Sneijder, the attacking midfielder heavily linked in this winter transfer window with a move to England, opened the scoring for Galatasaray as they took care of Rizespor 2-0.

Wesley Sneijder, make cut for

Fenerbahce meanwhile defeated Kas?mpasa 0-3 with former Liverpool star Dirk Kuyt scoring twice for the visitors.

The Holland international has been a long-term target for Louis van Gaal ever since he took charge at Old Trafford last summer.

Sneijder came close to joining the Red Devils before the start of the season, but opted to stay in Turkey amidst rumours of a bid from Juventus.

However, the Italian giants have now given up on signing the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid star, reportedly leaving the way clear for United.

Two players from England did make the overall FUT team, both from Championship clubs.

Striker Ross McCormack made the cut with Fulham, while Odion Ighalo, also a striker joined the ranks of the reserves with Watford.

Starting XI

GK: Diego Alves – Valencia CF (Spain)
CB: Laurent Ciman – Standard Liège (Belgium)
CB (RB): Mikael Lustig – Celtic (Scotland)
LM (CM): Julien Féret – SM Caen (France)
CM (CDM): David Pizarro – Fiorentina (Italy)
CM (CAM): Wesley Sneijder – Galatasaray SK (Turkey)
RM: Dirk Kuyt – Fenerbahçe SK (Turkey)
LW: Neymar – FC Barcelona (Spain)
ST: Miroslav Klose – Lazio (Italy)
RW (ST): Ross McCormack – Fulham (England)
Substitutes & Reserves

GK: Romain Salin – Marítimo (Portugal)
CB: Miguel Ángel Herrera – Pachuca (Mexico)
RM: Stéphane Darbion – ES Troyes AC (France)
LM: Sam Larsson – SC Heerenveen (The Netherlands)
ST: Odion Ighalo – Watford (England)
ST: Jonathan Pereira – Real Valladolid (Spain)
ST: Kris Doolan – Partick Thistle (Scotland)

The death of 4-4-2 formation

8:00 AM. I decided to play the FIFA 15 with my friend on PlayStation. Bayern is my favorite team in the game, I love them best, while my friend is a fan of PSG. We both use our favorite team to fight against each other. I have chosen Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski to began the game, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani was a  choice of my friend.

9.00 AM. After four games, we paused for a while. Upon pausing, the screen showed PSG’s team-sheet in full splendor. What a perfectly balanced team. Two pacey wingers in Ezequiel Lavezzi and Lucas Moura. A genuine deep lying playmaker and an industrious box to box man in midfield – Marco Verratti and Blaise Matuidi is a central midfield pairing made in heaven.

The four at the back picked themselves, with him playing Serge Aurier and Lucas Digne on the flanks, while David Luiz and Thiago Silva marshalled the defence. I looked at the squad with envy. And then, I started wondering. Why do they play the 4-3-3, when they have a squad so wonderfully suited for the 4-4-2? And mind you, this wasn’t Laurent Blanc going nuts; sadly, this is the norm today.

death of, 4-4-2 formation

11.00 AM. I was back home and was reading the book I consider my Bible, Jonathan Wilson’s “The Anatomy of Liverpool”. One quick search on the author and I found myself being fascinated by the concepts behind his award-winning book “Inverting the Pyramid”. From Vittorio Pozzo’s Italy to Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan, the book was the Britannica of football tactics. Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan, What a team. Probably the greatest team of all-time. And their formation? 4-4-2.

Serie A titles, Intercontinental titles, European Cups, that team had won everything. Watching a few videos of that team, I was startled by how high they pressed. The team attacked and defended as a unit, with Ancelotti-Rijkaard and Gullit-Van Basten standing out for their pressing and work-rate. 4-4-2 was perfect for them, as it was for many of the greatest teams of the late ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s.

Fabio Capello’s Class of 1994, Sir Alex Ferguson’s successful team of the ‘90s with Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole up top, the great Barcelona team of the era with Romario-Stoichkov leading the line, Ronaldo-Bebeto for Brazil; needless to say, the formation ruled the roost. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and reading. It was the go-to formation of nearly every successful manager of the time. A few hours on YouTube and I was transfixed by the football played by these great sides. Time flew.

 The signal of the end

2.00 PM. With every rise, comes a fall. It is as plain a fact of life as any. Hypnotised by the mesmerising football played by the exponents who took the formation to its zenith, it was time to discover the other side; time to see the formation hit rock bottom, the nadir. It was World Cup time in the summer of 2010. England was facing Germany in the World Cup R16, with the man at their helm being Fabio Capello, one of the finest proponents of the formation.

death of, 4-4-2 formation

90 minutes later, his beliefs, philosophy and tactics had been torn apart by the rampant Die Mannschaft, playing the solid 4-2-3-1, which was in vogue at the time, and still is, to a certain extent. A certain Mesut Ozil exploited the gap between the imbalanced and pedestrian English midfield and defence. Four goals and a zillion postmortems later, the British journalists proclaimed in typically outspoken fashion – “The 4-4-2 is dead”.
4.00 PM. Reading about the perceived death of a formation that was once so successful wouldn’t be complete without knowing the reasons. One quick look at all the successful teams of the last decade or so, and it was there for everyone to see – not one, not two, but a multitude of reasons came together to effectively suck the life out of the 4-4-2.

Hope for revival 

These factors have conspired and coincided at more or less the same time during the noughties to consign the 4-4-2 team sheets into the done and dusted folders, more or less. The important part here is “more or less”. They haven’t become entirely redundant. Is there a chance for revival? Let’s see.

8.00 PM. After delving deep into the how’s, why’s, pros and cons of the waning influence of 4-4-2, it was perhaps time for me to mourn its death before going to sleep. Not so fast though, as one look at the 2013-14 season gave me renewed hope. Jonathan Soriano and Alan for Salzburg, Sergio Aguero and Alvaro

death of, 4-4-2 formation


Negredo/Edin Dzeko for Manchester City and perhaps most importantly, the SAS (Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez) of Liverpool were all fantastic advertisements for the strike partnership system. Needless to say, all three teams employed the 4-4-2 to great effect, instilling new hopes in the hearts of purists, who grew up watching the formation wreak havoc.

9.00 PM. It ended up being more or less of a false dawn though, as various factors worked against these clubs, resulting in them not playing the 4-4-2 anymore. Instead, a new variant of the formation was on the rise, with one of the withdrawn strikers also playing the role of a winger or trequartista, duly assisting the No. 9, as and when required. The examples of Nabil Fekir and Alexandre Lacazette for Lyon, Lionel Messi and Neymar for Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo-Karim Benzema pairing at Real Madrid, were all examples of a different, yet tactically flexible variant of the traditional strike duo.

death of, 4-4-2 formation

10.00 PM. So, it was time for me to rest, to sleep. And no, the brains behind the beautiful game hadn’t yet laid the 4-4-2 to rest. The time to play the dirge hadn’t yet come. The time to mourn hadn’t yet arrived. And unlike this article, the 4-4-2 hasn’t yet become a past tense phenomenon. Here’s to hoping it stays for good. Cheers.

The 4-4-2 formation is one of the most commonly used in the world game. It is an adaptable system that gives teams strength in midfield and plenty of width. But it can’t be very useful always, we need some change now!

FIFA 15 helps Avicii to break UK Top 10

Avicii’s new single ‘The Nights’ breaks the UK Top 10 through FIFA 15 played on playstation, without the support of radio and video, just FIFA 15 alone. Supporting of FIFA 15 gamers is a huge driving force to break the Top 10.

The songs success is purely down to FIFA gamers, PlayStation fanatics and Avicii’s core fans. The UK impact date for ‘The Nights’ is 23rd Feb.

Initially EA Sports announced that Avicii was debuting a brand new track called “The Nights” exclusively on FIFA 15. After subtly releasing ‘The Nights’ on iTunes it rapidly climbed the top 200 to #16 – with very little radio love, the fans are reacting and the stats speak for themselves”.

It already boasts well over an incredible 28.5 million streams via Spotify and The Nights from Avicii new album ‘Stories’ is due later this year.

If you take a look at the UK charts you can see ‘The Nights’ is currently sitting at Number 8, even the YouTube video is doing well since being published with it being watched more than 12.2 million times.

Avicii, FIFA 15, break

The major success also comes when The Nights was featured on FIFA‘s 2015 official soundtrack among Fatboy Slim, Madeon, A-Trak, Dirty South, Tensnake and more. The game was released in September 2014 and Avicci’s last album ‘True’ sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ was the fastest selling record of 2013, charting at #1 in 84 territories.

You can listen ‘The night’ when playing FIFA 15 now, which could be an enjoyable choice.