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A chart of UK video game industry in 2014

We get a chart of top selling games in UK end of last year, It’s no doubt that FIFA 15 is the top one, as you can see. We can also know the top Publishers and Platforms. We can get a lot of messages about UK video game industry from the chart. Overall it was something of a mixed bag as software unit sales dropped 13% year-on-year (partially off-set by higher average prices that saw revenue fall only 7%), while great sales of new-gen hardware…

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Shooting skills is important on FIFA 15

We have already played FIFA 15 for about four months, how about your shooting skills now? Improving the level of the matches is the goal of EA development team always by delivering a tutorial in the game, which can help players to shoot better and make higher grades. The developers list all the situations that a player can get into, from goalkeeper one-on-ones to long range shots, and explain how various types of shots can be used to make sure that the ball ends up…

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Do you know who is Gary Busey

Gary Busey is a small sect of people in the game world, where is deep in the dark. We know many people who always appears on TV and magazines. but there are some person hide in dark and not many of us know them, such as Gary Busey. Posted on imgur by user geraldauss, the Under Siege star looks a little worse for wear. The eyes look a little too angry and the teeth are not as prominent as on the actor’s actual grill. When…

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How to get better performance in FIFA 15

How to do if you are still a Division 1 player after the patch?Quit bitching.Here are some personal experience in Division 1 Player. Let me possibly provide insight: Change your camera settings I LOVE the Default camera setting, but it’s just not usable after this new patch. You get ambushed too easily in the midfield, and if you don’t know where to pass it, you’ll turn the ball over. With the Default camera view, I went from Div 1 down to Div 3. I changed…

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The best Brazilian right backs in FUT15

Not only the centre backss are important,but also full-backs are essential when it comes to stopping the opponent’s wide plays.Their importantce isn’t limited to defending only,but can also support the attack.Then we need admit that Dani Alves has the highest rating. Pace and defending are the most important attributes for these players. Mario Fernandes is the one with best defending stats. Daniel Alves and Maicon are tied in the second position. Due to the enormous quantity of players focusing on dominating the midfield there already…

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Shooting tutorials in fifa15 gameplay

There is no doubt that shooting tips is very important to be successful on the pitch.Here are some generally tutorials about shooting. REGULAR SHOT On Xbox controllers B Button On Playstation controllers Circle Compared to FIFA 14 This type of shot hasn’t got any alterations regarding the previous games. What has changed is the existence of many other ways of shooting.Situations Situation 1: When you’re inside the area, facing the goal, use this type of shooting to strike the ball on one of the inferior…

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