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MOTM Toure, FIFA 15

FIFA 15: MOTM Toure returns to FUT packs

Here comes a good news for FIFA Ultimate Team mode fans, who missed the chance to get MOTM Toure packs on FIFA 15, EA Sports will give players another chance to get the special card, Do you have enough FIFA 15 Coins for the MOTM Toure cards? Even better, any other player who received a MOTM card during the African Cup of Nations tournament will be available too, along with some other in-form African players selected by EA. It’s part of the Team of the…

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Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: Busquets, Depay, Schurrle

It’s really an exciting time to all the FUT fans, when the Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode is released by the development team of EA Sport on FIFA 15. Many players will buy some news footballers in packs with FIFA 15 coins, which will make them ultimate team stronger and get more wins over friends. The biggest star of the first eleven is Sergio Busquets, who has managed to put in a very solid performance for Barcelona as the team…

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EA Sports will release FIFA 16 later this year

As a fan of FIFA, you may begin to think about “Are there something new and amazing on this yaer on FIFA?”,all right, FIFA 16 will be released by EA Sport later this year, though they haven’t released the date. It is really to all FIFA fans, they can have new game experiences actually, which brings more happy. Even without that, we are able to forecast the release date for FIFA 16 based on a lot of research and past history. We know that all…

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FIFA 15 servers, problems, weekend

EA and FIFA 15 servers: have problems on weekend

Many players having troubles connecting to the servers of EA and FIFA 15 last weekend, from Feb 6th to the 9th. So EA Sports have got a lot of complaints about the poor servers and even can’t buy FIFA 15 Coins from social media networks. Just on Down Today alone the comments from FIFA 15 gamers were not good at all, but most seem to surround server problems. Issues that occurred included one FIFA 15 gamer getting booted out of the game when they tried…

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Safuwan Baharudin, FIFA 15

FIFA 15: Singapore defender Safuwan Baharudin performs well

Here comes a new guy on FIFA 15 named Safuwan Baharudin, a famous Singapore defender, who plays a important role in video game FIFA 15 after his moving to A-League side Melbourne City. Following an update earlier this week, the 23-year-old appears on the bench of the Australian side bearing the name “Baharudin”, which appears on the back of his jersey in the game as well. He is believed to be the only Singaporean player in Fifa 15. With a rating of 56, he is…

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FUT Winter Upgrades, FIFA 15

FIFA 15: FUT January Winter Upgrades

We just got a message that the date of FIFA 15 winter upgrades has released by EA Sport not long ago. This year’s upgrades will bring some surprise to all of us football fans, we hope. It’s said that new upgrades will be released next Friday, February 13th, 2015, which means we can buy upgraded players soon. The anticipation is building for winter upgrades, following the remarkable TOTY release that featured a 99-rated Cristiano Ronaldo and 96-rated Manuel Neuer. In addition, EA has released four…

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top ten players, Pre-Champions League

A list of top 10 footballers: Pre-Champions League Knockout Stage Edition

It’s really not easy for me to make a list of ten best players in the Pre-Champions League. During the World Cup last July, I hastily assembled a “Top 10″ list of the best soccer players in the world, which many guys do not agree with me. My list have some changes belongs to the older one, let’s have a look together! Then again, the function of Internet lists isn’t to be accurate, but rather to spur debate and/or outrage about someone’s fully arbitrary opinion.…

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Xbox Live, down, FIFA 15

Xbox Live is down today

Xbox Live is down again, which caused many multiplayer games can not connect normally. There are some issues on FIFA 15 multiplayer modes of course, many players can’t have a football match with others, which really make people angry. This event affects not only FIFA 15 but also other popular multiplayer games, like NHL, Madden and Battlefield. Electronic Arts titles like Battlefield, FIFA, Madden and NHL appear to see the most complaints, and the developers of said games have taken to Twitter to assure fans…

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Platform Comparison, FIFA 15

Platform Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC

We can play FIFA 15 throughout the year on our favorite platform, while some games go out of the trend, Which sports games never have. And the question is which edition is the best. PS4? Xbox One, or PC? We can’t make any bold claims unless there is strong proof to our words. You can find a bunch of videos below that run FIFA 15 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC comparing the graphics, game play style as well as overall visual appeal. Before…

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Ultimate Team, this week

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of this Week

The regular Team of the Week package has released by EA Sports, which is loved by many players on the Ultimate Team mode. FIFA 15 players can have more choice now, they can choose a range of footballers to improve it’s performance. The biggest star included this week is Neymar, the Barcelona player who has been recently finding his rhythm in an attack formation that also features Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. The attacking line also includes Klose, who is continuing a good run despite…

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