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Albion Online: Fragment, Refining As Well As Transmutation Overhaul

We might be underestimate PvE in our game, in particular, for those who play in big guilds. Even if we have a lot in store, and it can contribute to make fighting the monsters of Albion more exciting, regarding the next content update, including a small first step forward: Essences. Albion Online is so fun and more and more players decide to buy cheap albion gold online. Starting from Tier 4, Faction mobs will have a chance to drop magical Essences. These blue jewels are…

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Albion Online Update: How To Improve PvE And More Major Update

At present, for Albion Online, it’s in the final phase of beta, we are likely to know that it will remain until well into 2017. At the same time, a poll was released on the official forums by Sandbox Interactive in recent weeks for the purpose of figure out what is the state of the game for its users. For instance, for its title is presumably the most popular, however, futher work still need to in progress. Well, the results of the survey are now…

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