Saradomin has won

As many have pointed out this is an unfair fight.
Jadex, you have done a horrible job at representing the other gods in game.
Saradomin? yah lets just make several quest lines featuring him, his followers, and his way of thinking and limit all other gods as the player will always be a saradomist, which is why they can use the prayer skill. Then lets start a war with saradomin and zamorak, a god we have limited to strictly evil in game and only ever fleshed out in books. ITS GOING TO BE SOOOOOO FAIR.

Im sorry but in no way will any of the other gods win, jadex has made this game just for saradomin and it shows. “Oh they will get quest later on”. im sorry but its too late. the war has started, the winner is already at the finish line. No reason to even do the event any more. Lore wise zamorak is stronger in power and ability, hell compared to most gods saradomins pretty weak.
Saradomin has won so bow down to the smurf and eat your mushrooms.
What about the later battles.

It’ll be laughable when whatever event comes next has a matchup with gods like Zaros against X, or Bandos against Y. Haha, that’ll be like no contest. Judging by the popularity (and lack of popularity/attention) to certain gods, it won’t be any surprise, or question who is going to win in a situation with Gods like that.

That’s news to me, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

As for the the view of gods and perfection, you’re right. Why should any of them be perfect?

The problem is there is currently a rather unbalanced view of each god (not to be confused with perfection), whether it’s the amount of existing content focused on certain gods (sometime with archaic views on others), or something new that is dealing with a Runescape Gold that already has a large degree of attention.

You could say that latest quest has been making people think, but obviously not very much when you see support still wide as ever. Hell, I think some people were even reinvigorated by it.