Runescpae skilling bosses

This idea came to me while talking to people about how they make money. One was talking about killing nex, and making around 100m day. I realized that all those methods require combat, and there is basically no way for skillers to make that type of money. Until it came to me, replace the combat requirements of a boss with skilling requirements.

Now this doesn’t mean you could get 99 firemaking and kill nex with it, but there’d basically be one boss for every skill, or group of skills. These bosses could range from an Indiana Jones style tomb where you need to stay alive to reap the treasure at the end of the tunnel, if you have a good thieving level. Or maybe using your fishing skills to prevent yourself from being eaten by a shark.

Each ‘boss’ would come with risks, just like any combat boss, where you’d need specific gear, expensive gear and heavily planned strategies, even teams. These bosses could then possibly give you something of high value, like shark teeth, or some armor that’s inside their stomach.

More of a skilling mini-Runescape Gold game instead of Skilling Bosses tbh..

Like have a mini-game, you choose the skill you want to use in the mini-game and it pairs you with a team of 4 lets say.. and you have to gather materials/cook/fish/mine/woodcut and weaken the “boss” and then finally kill it off using some special item that is required a few items of each category.. kind of like the Penance Queen when you gather the materials and put it all into one item and kill it.