Runescape right clicking renovation

Hello Everyone,

There is one feature of the runescape gold game that I believe is outdated and prevents the game from running smooth and takes away from the intuitive nature of the game. The right-click interface needs to be re-designed in the following ways to create a more enjoyable and less “cluttered” interface:

-Take away right-click options that don’t pertain to other players (e.g. dismiss follower, talk to pet, or any other of the many irrelevant options)

– With the new NIS, comes customizability. with that said, a player should be able to customize right-click options such as what shows up and what doesn’t (i.e. say i don’t want the ‘examine’ or ‘walk here’ option cluttering my right-clicking window, so i would open my interface options and make it so i don’t see them anymore)

These are only two possible changes. Feel free to give back any of your own feedback or opinions!