RuneScape players level are now extremly powerful

What good is it when you’re limited to what you can do? Instead of bring up your levels in just a few skills, you can work up and twice as much skills when your a member. You’ve got construction which you can build your own house, agility to bring up your agility in the agility course and farming.This can’t be all, there are way more skills than this.

All these other skills can help you do other things when you have a good amount which will be discussed in next couple of paragraphs.There are several ways of getting higher attack levels on Runescape. The most common way is to just train on monsters. Although training on monsters is probably the most known and considered the easiest way, there are indeed other ways. For members, there is the mini game of Pest Control.

In this game, you fight bugs on an island with your team. If you achieve a certain amount of points while fighting, you will get some points afterward, which you can use to get items. The points while fighting are calculated by your hits. If you hit a 5, you will have 5 points. If you hit a 10 after that, you will have 15 and so fourth. I believe the goal is 60 points or more. More is always better as the more you get the more points you will get back on the island.


To get to Pest Control you will have to take a ship found at Port Sarim.It is a fun mini game and is very good with raising your attack, though I do not recommend it for lower levels.Making millions in Runescape can be hard work, especially if you are trying to kill monsters to get the money. Personally, I believe the best way to making millions in Runescape is hording, but some do not agree. Some believe you can kill certain monsters and sell their drops to make your money. This is true.

Greater Demons have some nice drops; occasionally you will get something Rune, and can get a little profit. That is a rare drop, however. It seems some of the best monsters to kill for items are the Dragons.