Runescape NIS Suggestions

If any1 else has any suggestions, please post on this thread.Here’s my suggestion.

Dear Jagex,

Runescape 3 Gold is an awesome update in my opinion, but I had an idea to improve the NIS. As it is, you can customize what interfaces you want to access easiest, and can line up multiple interfaces along the top of a tab. You can also have multiple interfaces open on the screen at a time with separate interfaces lined along the top. This system is similar to having files in a folder.

My idea, is basically being able to put folders in folders, so you could have for example your inventory open, with whatever interfaces along the top, and also have a few interface “folders” along the bottom, for example, a social interface that has your Friend list, FC list and Clan List, all in 1 tab that you can access similarly to the interfaces lined along the top, but have these “Folders” along the bottom, so you could have (like I said a social tab) a combat tab, (with your prayers, and all combat abilities) and this could be customisable to any set of “folders” a player choses. Thanks for considering this idea