Runescape monastery of ascension

First and most important the Ascension dungeon is a very nice update to the game! Except for the most obvious fact that players struggle to receive signets due to their rarity. The way it is now people end up losing more trying to make the crossbow.

RS 3 Gold bossing has always revolved around developing a skill through experience in order to slay a certain boss or monster. Even you Mod Doctor said, “I cannot wait to see how players use both the combat skills and actual tactics to work through the dungeon” on the BTS 55 Order of Ascension thread.

But you forgot to mention the most important factor, and thats the massive amount of GP that is wasted on keystones trying to obtain a single signet. Because of this, people end up spending more making the crossbow then just buying it, and thats the main reason why theres not many crossbows in the game, because its been limited to the few people who can afford to risk buying the keys unlike the Kalphite king and Vorago which require true combat skill and tactics, not a pay to play boss fee.

Trying to obtain all six signets by getting the keys yourself will take a very very long time unless your really lucky.

I would like see the Runescape Gold community resolve this issue with Jagex because as of now its not about the Combat skills and tactics but on how much GP you got!

Please post what you think your solution may be so everyone who has the requirements gets a fair chance and is not based on GP.