Runescape employment agencies , soldier features


This stage is more realistic brush Goblin Goblin Goblin Archer soldiers to fight windmills ancient coins and hit the northern plains of iron ore.

Two-handed sword +3 +0 effective as ronin, so it can not be considered temporary.

Orc camp to go after Sting hit the helmet (cursed, Defense 5, -2 Intelligence), good luck can play Sting armor +0 (Defense 7), there Buckler +0 immediately put orcs out of the anti-roll Esen point to the buckler. (Shield consumption is relatively high production and low cost, a relatively hedge buckler equipped)

In that adhere to the 30 or so play bird of paradise, with two two-handed weapons do +3 volume. Material (less than store-bought):

Round iron piece 20 (before playing ancient coins, and sent behind the house behind Aspen NPC change round iron plates), 9 iron, copper block 3, a hammer, a hammer handle. Very easy to start.

Two-Handed Sword +2 continue after bird of paradise, two-handed +3. If you look at the situation before buckler plus too, could be considered disposed of, someone should buy it.

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