Runescape 3 will run in firefox

People seem to be heated about RS3 only running on Chrome right now because of HTML5.
Well, fret not! My ‘evidence’?

I’m quite the newbie at game development and I just started out 3 months ago, but during my early research and testing various game engines for learning purposes, I believe I came across a game engine that had made a game running on HTML5 in Firefox Nightly. (that is a beta-testing browser software, fyi!)

(tipsy-bartender, anyone?)Disclaimer: I haven’t studied anything on how to run a runescape gold game in a browser yet, so I can’t go into the technical stuff on this matter like explaining how and why it will, but let’s not doubt the magic of it.)

Indeed, I use Chrome most of the time as well, but I was a hardcore hater of it until my Firefox constantly froze and crashed my computer. After that, I am a lover.
Anyways, players needs to be able to choose their own browser for their games, in my opinion.
It would be very strange if Jagex wasn’t working on a solution. It’s almost guaranteed unless they say otherwise (preferably on this thread.)