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RuneScape is the first massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and recently the number of registered users has passed 2 million. Jagex Game Studios CEO Mark Gerhard take the time to speak GamesBeat via e-mail, the topic is about free playing experience, the future of Runescape and industry peak of Jagex.The high your slayer level is the harder task you can receive. The monsters will drop more valuable items. You will start to get roll in RS gold. You can farm by doing slayer tasks over and over.

You will also enjoy the technique of training your slayer skill. The benefit can be seen after the first kill even. The monsters will drop more valuable items.These MMORPG legends are the underground those that somehow notice unknown cheats that the developers left vulnerable, again and again even on purpose. It seems that some RuneScape accounts developers use the cheats themselves! typically the key information or passwords leak and that they soon become common.

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