Razer naga not working

I’ve been using my Razer Naga all the time before Runescape 3 Gold and it worked perfectly fine. I’m not sure why it is not working anymore, i try and key bind my Razer Naga but it says, “Key not supported”. Can someone please help me out, i cant play this game without my Razer Naga.

Ouch, that sounds pretty horrible for you. I don’t know which model you have but it “could” be that your particular rodent was simulating the numpad keys which we have lost the use of with NIS. Wishing you better luck in the near future.

My naga works fine, there is nothing wrong with your mouse or synapse 2.0. It’s what jagex has coded and is their fault. Runescape doesn’t support Numpad keys as stated above. Just bind whatever you need to a key that Runescape will support.