Runescape Random Events Guide

There are many different Random Events in Runescape. They were originally invented to help stop the cheaters. Their levels are reasonable to the player that they are after, and they give plenty of time to get away. However, if you are using a macro, you have little to no chance of life. That was their idea as a solution to the problem, but of course as everything else, it has grown into other things. You might still see the occasional Rock Golem, Tree Spirit, or River Troll , every once in awhile.

Of course, now they have plain out Random Events rather than just when you’re using a skill. Some of the more common ones around Runescape are the frogs, the Freaky Forester, The Genie, The Sandwich Lady, and The Security Guard. There are a lot of different ones, but let’s start with these.

The Genie is a simple talk and get event, its one of my personal favorites. He will give you a magic lamp, which you can rub and get experience, points in the skill of your choice.

You use to be able to fight with the Swarm of Bees, but now all you can do is stand there taking their easy hits of 1 and 2, or of course just walk away. Grab the evil twin is a very fun Random Event, where you have to use a claw to choose the twin of Molly. You only get two tries, so choose carefully!

There are a lot more Random Events out there, like the rock that shoots out bubbles. If you keep mining it, the rock will blowup and your picaxe will break. Alternatively, the Whirlpool on fishing. If you keep fishing, your equipment will be sucked underwater.

I have found that Random Events are more likely to happen when you are doing something (mining, smithing, killing, and so on) then when you are just standing around. Of course, they do happen when you’re just standing, but they happen to me a lot more when I am doing something. Good luck out there, if you happen to meet the Evil Chicken, I would suggest Protection from Magic, as it uses Magic – instead of meelee. Happy Playing!

Moparscape Servers

Most of these copies of Runescape will have edited codes, so you will be able to do insane things, such as walking through walls. They will usually have a faster rate of experience points, easier levels, cheap weapons, and so on. This is useful for a lot of thieves, because they can take pictures of their players with dragon on in Moparscape and claim them to be real, and then try to sell them to people. Which breaks rule 6, no account sharing or trading. This is a great rule; it protects a lot of members from buying stolen accounts, and loosing their accounts to the ones they share to.

Another term for these hacked versions of Runescape is Runescape Private Servers. Keep in mind that no matter what they say, these are not linked with the real Runescape in any way. Jagex is suing the makers of every copy they find, but there are thousands, and a lot of them are not online all the time, as they are ran off of someone’s computer. Jagex wants these gone for many reasons, one being that a lot of these so called “Moparscape Downloads” are really just keyloggers.

Keyloggers are a type of computer virus that will “log” they keys you type and send them to the creator. Therefore, if you were to get one and type your Runescape username and password, they would instantly have it, and be able to hack your account. These are very dangerous, as they can get things like your credit card information. It really is not worth the effort of going out and risking getting a virus, just to use an illegal program. If you still think it is worth the risk, a simple Google search will do the trick.

So why are these illegal copies so full of people? Perhaps because they can have all the things they cannot in the real Runescape. So basically, Moparscape is for lazy people who wont work in the real Runescape. Think about it, level 126 with all stats 99, is it any fun? Sure, you will have a few minutes enjoying doing things, but everything is already maxed out! You cannot go PKing, because everyone else is the exactly the same. There is no point in getting money, because all the items are already there! In these copies, there is no point in playing. Personally, I have never even been on a Moparscape server, because to me, it looked boring. Why would I want to go to an illegal rip off of Runescape to have everything, when I can get it from hard work in the real thing? Its not like you can show off to noobs there, because everyone has the exact same thing. How to make moparscape servers?

Runescape Power Leveling

Runescape Power Leveling can mean two different things. A Google search will find all kinds of sites with that will train your account for you. This breaks rule 6, but several people still do it. The majority of these sites are just after your password. They will charge you a certain price in real money, and then they get your account password. This is as risky as it can get. Most of these sites will offer “Live Help Agents” that you can talk with to help you with your “orders”. They will just reassure you it doesn’t break any rules and convince you to pay them money.

Goblins are excellent for low and high levels. They are easy to kill and give a nice amount of exp. Remember; you want quick and easy kills that give fair experience points, instead of slower kills and more experience. The reason is, with fast kills you can double and triple the experience in the time it takes to kill the higher level. Goblins are perfect for this. They are dead in about two to three hits and then you can be on to the next one.

The Stronghold of Security can be very fun, especially if you have not done it before. At the end of each level, there are rewards. For just the first level, you get 3,000 gold! The prizes just go up from there. If you are power leveling, no matter where, you are most likely going to need food. I highly recommend Tuna. They do not cost too much cooked and they heal about 10 points each. Carry around some Tuna, and it might save your life.


Runescape Classic

Yes, that’s right. There was a game before the Runescape that you now know. It did not have nearly as good graphics as Runescape does now. In fact, they looked like pieces of paper.

You could just walk up to someone, right click, and click duel. Players liked this idea for more than one reason. For one, you could get to Lumbridge fast because as long as you didn’t stake anything, you wouldn’t loose any items. They liked this feature because if they were training and a person walked up, they could duel over the training spot. This saved players a lot of time because they didn’t have to switch worlds to find a less crowded area. They removed this feature because players could run away and the duel would not end, and players could bank the staked items. So, to fix this problem, Jagex built the Dueling Arena.

Player Killing in Runescape Classic was a whole different world. In the beginning, you could be killed everywhere except Lumbridge, or if you designated yourself as NPK which stands for Non-Player Killers. Along with that, There was no running in Runescape Classic, so catching your pray was much easier. In addition, you could not eat during a battle, and you could not run until 3 turns of attacks happened. So more than often, did PKers catch unsuspecting players in the old days?

Runescape Classic had their own type of notes as well. Instead of having noted items, they had Certificates. Also known as certs. These certs equaled five of every item. Therefore, instead of one note per one item, they had one cert per five items. The Banks were very hard to use, as only one player could talk to one NPC at a time. So people often sat in a bank for long periods of time just waiting to be able to even get into their bank. After they finally got in, there was a withdraw and deposit limit! So trading large amounts of items took even longer.

I played Runescape Classic one time, but not very long. After Runescape 2 came out, Runescape Classic became out of date. I believe there are still some players on Runescape Classic. All of the Free to Play members of Runescape Classic had to either upgrade to Pay to Play, or loose their accounts. This of course made a lot of players angry; because they had played the game for a long time and did not find it right to be forced into paying. Happy Playing.

Runescape Hitpoints Skill Guide

One of the most important concepts to understand in Runescape is that of hitpoints, sometimes called HP, health, or life points. These basically represent how many hits your character can take before he or she dies. The more hitpoints you have, the more powerful monsters you can take on and the longer you’ll be able to survive in massive battles. If your hitpoints reach zero, your character will reappear at your spawn point, which is often far away from where you died.

Increasing Your Hitpoints

One very important goal in Runescape is to increase your hitpoints so you can take more damage and fight stronger monsters. The best way of doing this is to fight. Each time you hit an enemy in Runescape, your hitpoints increase. The exact increase depends on how much damage you did. The basic formula is to take the damage you cause and multiply it by 1.33. Dealing 20 points of damage to a monster would, therefore, raise your hitpoints by 26. This is the most efficient way of gaining more health in Runescape, but there are other ways.

Items Available to Free Players and Members

There are two items players can use to raise their hitpoints. They include the Genie’s Lamp and the Book of Knowledge. Both can be received by completing random events. The Genie’s Lamp comes from the Genie event, while the Book of Knowledge is a reward from the Surprise Exam event.

Members Only Mini-Game Rewards

A paying member of Runescape has three more options for increasing his or her hitpoints. They include winning the Pest Control mini-game or the Tears of Guthix mini-game, although the Tears game will only increase a player’s hitpoints if it is their lowest skill. Finally, players may receive the Antique Lamp by completing various quests and by winning the Varrock Museum mini-game.

Gaining Hitpoints from Jewelry

Equipping different types of jewelry can give you more hitpoints or provide other benefits that can save your hitpoints. Here are just a few jewelry options.

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Hello guys, here are Runescape Tips and Glitches information that came from other website. Let’s go see it: These are combos that should be used just about every single fight.A rollback occurred, which affected a handful of members playing at the time. This meant that the last few hours were practically erased completely, and all the things that players did in that time were gone. In addition to experience lost, it was reported that some items were duplicated in the process. For example, if someone were to sell a white partyhat to someone else during this time, the seller would get to keep the white partyhat and the money(runescape gold) while the buyer also had a white partyhat.
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Runescape Strength Training

To do well in melee you are going to need good Strength levels. These levels can be obtained by using the Aggressive attack style while training. There are also many different ways to temporarily boost your Strength.

If you are going to train to get your levels, I would suggest killing goblins. They are quick to kill and give a fair amount of experience points. It is always better to kill something fast and get smaller exp. than take longer to kill something and get more.

Let’s say that I go kill a goblin, it will take about 2 to 3 hits and its dead, and I will get around 40 experience. It only takes about 2 seconds, then I am on to another, and it keeps going on and on getting 40 exp. per kill.

Now say I go kill a Minotaur. It takes me 7 hits and I get 50 experience points. That’s only 10 more than a goblin, and it takes way longer. I could kill 3 goblins in the time it takes to kill 1 Minotaur!

Another way is drinking Potions. The most commonly known potion is the Strength Potion. This will boost your Strength anywhere from 3 to 12 levels. Then there is the Super Strength Potion which will boost anywhere from 5 to 19! The Zamorak Potion is one of the lesser known potions, it will give a boost anywhere from 3 to 11.

You can also drink Beer to increase your strength, but it will take away from your attack. A normal glass gives a boost of 4, and takes 8 attack away. If you were to drink a Keg of Beer, you would have an increase of 7 in strength, but with a great decrease of attack.

You can also get bonuses by what sort of sword and armor you wear. For instance, if you were to wear Rune Gloves, you would get a bonus of +8. A Dragon Two-Handed Sword will give you a bonus of +93!

If you were to wear a Dragon Longsword, a Berserker Necklace, a Fire Cape, Barrows Gloves, Rune Boots, an Obsidian Shield, the Helm of Neitiznot, and the Bandos Chestplate, besides looking completely ridiculous you would have a total strength bonus of +108! There are many not so crazy looking ways to boost your Strength Stat, this was just an example.

Community Round-Up

Our exciting Winter Weekends continue this week with double minigame rewards throughout Saturday and Sunday. Of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend event without some JMod action so we’ll be joining in on the fun and taking part in certain minigames as well! Find out more here.

Fansite News

RuneZone are getting into the Christmas spirit with their 12 Days of Christmas celebration kicking off with a huge party at the Grand Exchange! Find out more and get involved over on their website.

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If the heat of the TzHaar is also getting too much for you then you might want to check out RuneHQ’s great guide for RuneScape’s latest Grandmaster quest: The Brink of Extinction!

Book of Faces Reward

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Community Creations

This aberrant spectre-inspired drawing from GnomeWillow is absolutely terrifying – hopefully he has the required Slayer level to deal with it!

selling partyhat runescape

Runescape Rares are tradeable items that no longer can be dropped in Runescape and therefore exist in limited numbers. Most of them are holiday drops from a long time ago. The legendary Runescape Party hat was actually inside the equally famous Christmas cracker together with other items. The seven party hats are in other words christmas drops. Just like the Santa hat. And the Halloween mask is self explanatory and the Pumpkin is a halloween drop as well. Easter egg begs no further questions. Disc of returning, on the other hand, has a disputed origin which we won’t dig into. Although Runescape rares have no use in the game other than as show offs, their market values are almost off the chart and it is the players themselves who have driven them to this.

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About Runescape Vampire Slayer Quest

Teleport runes for Varrock and Falador/Lumbridge.Weapon, food and armour.Walkthrough

1. Get the Garlic
When you are in Morgan’s house, go upstairs. Open the cupboard and search it. You will get some Garlic. Talk with Morgan and ask about how you can kill the vampire and he will tell to you talk with a old friend, his name is Dr. Hallow.

2. Wooden stake
Teleport or go to Varrock. If you don’t have the Hammer, buy it in the General Store for 1gp, then head to Blue Moon Inn, located in the Southern part of Varrock. To get there, go to the main square on Varrock, then follow the road to the south until you see the pub, which is labelled with a beer icon. Buy some Beers before talking to Dr. Hallow. Give him a few Beers and talk to him. Just talk and talk until he gives you a wooden stake.

3. Killing the Vampire
You can now go back to Draynor. Before you go and attempt to kill the Vampire remember bring a HAMMER, the STAKE and GARLIC!!! Once you are ready go up to the Mansion. Go inside, walk through the door to the north before turning east. You should see the stairs that lead down. Now go down to basement and try to selling runescape gold open the coffin there. Count Draynor will appear and automatically attack you, dispatch him. Remember the stuff, and he will be easy. When you have defeated him, the quest is done. Congratulations! Quest Complete!