Official divinelocate fc

The purpose of this thread is to redirect you to the friends chat “DivineLocate”. This new friend’s chat will be focused on allowing players to find divination locations in order to gain experience more efficiently. From what we know so far divination locations can be placed once per day, but allow for xp gains based on the player’s skill level. In order to receive more xp from these plots and help out other players this fc will allow for other runescape 3 gold players to join in. To use this friend’s chat as a person looking for a divination location simply ask for the xp that u require. Then someone who is currently hosting a location will point you to their location and world.To use this fc as someone who wishes to let others know of their divination location simply state your world, location, and location type. Obviously as this skill comes out we will be working on improving our rules, our thread and our ranks in order to bring a better experience to our members.

-No excessive swearing or fowl/offensive language, keep the chat clean with appropriate conversations.
-Only advertise your divination location once every 3 minutes or when someone asks
– Feel free to ask for a divination location as much as you wish as long as you don’t spam
-Do not advertise other divination locations who are not in the friends chat.
[Ask the Divination Location Host to join the friends chat if they are not in one]
-Please refrain from asking for/mentioning donations in the friends chat.
-When saying someone’s open in the friends chat keep your message appropriate and not in favor over other hosts.
*Example of what is good. [“Chabomb” w31 grand exchange mining ]
-Advertising any website is prohibited.
-Be respectful to EVERYONE
– Please follow all of jagex’s rules while in the friends chat
-The chat is English only! Please do not type in another language as it confuses players and is considered spamming.
– Please don’t advertise other clan chats/friends chats, directing a player to another service chat is fine. (Example: Dung smith, R quark, 2flingfish, 1elitesc)
-There is no selling of plots or charging for Divination locations.

– Host your Divination Location as much as possible; make sure you’re in “Divinelocate” friends chat!
-Advertize the friends chat at the divination tent. A good advertisement example is:
“Need a **v location? Join “DivineLocate” friends chat”, but please don’t excessively spam it!
– Moderate the Friend’s chat; although you may not have a rank, it is helpful to answer questions people may have about **v location or Divination in general. If a problem is happening, feel free to pm a rank and notify them!
– Recruit new members, through telling others
– Follow all the rules!

Ranks are given out according to dedication and service within the friend’s chat. Ranks cannot be bought or sold. *Sucking up” for ranks is not tolerated, and may even hurt your chances for ranks. Asking for ranks also seriously decreases your likeliness for one. They will be granted if others see continuous work within the friend’s chat.
1. Host your divination location often!
3. Advertise the “**v Location” FC. We want to spread the service of “DivineLocate” to the entire RuneScape Gold community, and want ranks who are enthusiastic as we are.
4. Be respectful to all members and ranks. Getting kicked diminishes your chance of getting a rank.
5. Give us a friendly bump on this thread!
6. Follow all the rules within the friend’s chat.