New loan duration runescape option

My friend, Tsukimi, came up with this idea and I agree it’d be a pretty nice implementation. I often find myself wanting to loan items to friends for long periods of time, much longer than the 24-hour maximum, and it’s quite bothersome to have to meet them in-game to trade them everyday just so they can benefit from an item I wouldn’t be using for the time being, regardless. Our suggestion is that they add a new lending option that would be labeled as ‘Indefinite.’

It would work in almost the same manner as the current ‘Until logout’ option, however, the lent item would not automatically be recalled upon logging out.

You would still be able to collect it at any time from a bank, however, upon recollection, there would be a 15-minute delay and a 15-minute warning message would be given to the player with the loaned item. This is to prevent Runescape Items players from instantly recalling an armor piece or weapon from a player during combat and grants them sufficient time to exit and reach a safe area.

They could also include a 10- and 5-minute warning, but they’re not as vital as the 15-minute one.

In addition to this, they should also place a warning message upon accepting a loaned item with this option selected in a trade, reminding players that the other player may recall it at any given time. There’s already a warning message when borrowing with the ‘Until logout’ option, so it shouldn’t be difficult to add.

If the player borrowing the item selects to destroy it, it should return to the lender’s bank collection box instantly. Again, this is also a feature of the already-present ‘Until logout’ duration.

Of course, since this is the entire reason for this suggestion, the loan would last indefinitely until the item is collected at a bank by its lender.