It can be a somewhat dangerous mine in Runescape

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The Jatizso mine is found just outside the western gates of Jatizso. The mine is accessed from a stairwell just outside the city proper,” The Fremennik Isles quest has to be started in order to go in the mine.” The area was released on 6 February 2007.

It can be a somewhat dangerous mine, as it is inhabited by male ice trolls (melee) and female ice trolls (range) in the northern half of the mine. It is possible to mine many ores in the northern half of the mine, using the rocks as barriers to prevent the male trolls from attacking you. And for less venturesome miners, this still leaves plenty of ores to mine in the safer southern half with no risk of troll attacks.

This mine is a place where players can obtain plenty of Mithril and Adamantite ores fairly close to a bank, in the city outside.Also, in combination with Neitiznot’s furnace and also maybe Jatizso’s Anvils, this mine can be great for miners and smithers.Gruva Patrull guards the entrance of the mine.

Players who have completed the elite Fremennik Province Tasks, and who are wearing their Fremennik sea boots 4, may cross a balance beam in the south east corner and access 3 more Adamantite rocks and 2 more Mithril Rocks. Aside of the extra rocks, the added area also features an NPC, Hallvar, who offers the player to exchange ores for notes.

The positions of the northernmost 3 adamantite rocks were relocated in September 2010.In the northern half of the mine, an NPC miner frequently spawns, only to find himself quickly killed by trolls. This unfortunate miner, like all others in the southern half who would also be killed if they go too far north, has only 1 life point.

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