I just wanna runescape play

Hi, not a rant but rather a request.
Could you please put more time and effort to fix this game so we can actually play it? It’s been a month + this game has been having issues and it’s still not that playable when it comes to combat and bossing. Before and after vorago release, server issues, now fps issues. When will this nightmare end?
We all love updates and new content, but what good is it if the game isn’t even that playable? You released rs3, a big update, so now take a second to fix the Runescape Gold game PLEASE. Already lost a good chunk of my bank cuz I died bossing because of the “keybinds randomly stop working” issue (check other threads if you want more detail on it).
I am a customer who pays u. But y not fix the game so that it’s playable? RS isn’t the most complicated game out there, so I know u can fix it despite the challenges you encounter. Please put in the time and fix it. No one is asking you to have a break through discovery and win the Nobel Prize for physics or something. Just fix your game please =) I’ve been patiently waiting for a month + and paying. Atm I am paying and the game isn’t that playable for pvmers. Please fix it already…. I want to ACTUALLY start playing this game again instead of daily logging in for ports and chatting with some friends and logging out.

What good are new projects and updates if they can’t fix the current game?Before rs3, this excuse for several months had been we are spending too much time on rs3, so till then, be patient. Now rs3 has been out for a few weeks, surely they can take out some time now?

I’ll never understand why they treat their paying members so …. poorly. I feel like a panhandler who begs on the streets and ppl tell him off. Hello? I am not begging or a free to play Runescape 2007 Gold player, I am PAYING YOU. If you go to a store today, and u don’t even buy anything, just ask about product information, they’ll be so polite to u. Whether or not u buy the product is another story. Even after u buy the product, their customer service staff will still help u out a lot (even if lets say for argument sake their “politeness” wears off a bit after they’ve sold their products). But overall, majority of places, u will still get treated well. But if u r a paying member of some community, they’ll show u more love cuz they want the money to keep flowing in and dare i say, cuz u just might be a bit valuable to them.