Hybrid weapon

Now we’ve all seen slings in-runescape gold game before, yet they were removed before the Evolution of Combat was even released! And while I was sleeping last night, I had the idea of bringing them back as hybrid weapons.

1.) Range.

Slings were first released as ranging weapons, so the mechanic/general idea of the sling would stay the same. Pick up a rock, load it up, sling it at your enemy’s head. Perhaps your “ammo” could be upgraded? Use a hammer on some runite ores to break them up into smaller rocks, and put it in the thrown slot?

-Animation: roughly the same as the old slings, maybe some minor tweaks.

2.) Melee.

The inspiration for this came from the musical Spamalot’s “Fisch Schlapping” song. How about you slap you enemy? While it doesn’t sound very… elite… at the moment, a pow right to the face would leave a horrendously large owie.

-Animation: much like the “Slice” ability for melee weapons.

3.) Magic.

This is where using a sling is a bit of a stretch, but I think it’d be fun. I thought this would be easy animation wise. See below to how the animation would work. (Yes, you’d still have to have runes.

-Animation: (mini spoiler alert) recall the Bull roarer from Legends’ Quest – aka the spinny thing that was used to summon that tribal guy. Use that spinning action and end it with some kind of forward momentum animation, such as the “Wild Magic” ability when wielding a staff. This momentum would then release the magic spell.

4.) To Switch Between Styles.

Perhaps this can be divided into three new, different “abilities”, located under the Lifepoints tab in the abilities window. Obviously, these abilities would be for range, melee, and magic. The abilities would not work as your Asphyxiate, Guthix’s Blessing, or Dazing Shot. However, they would work as the four abilities found when being an Attacker in the post-Runescape EoC Barbarian Assault (merely switching your attack style).

5.) Other factors

-Weapon Speed: I’d like to say fast since, you know, it’s a sling. So long as the Damage per Second is the same as other weapons in its tier, I’m okay with anything. However, this might make other weapons in its tier(s) obsolete. *So, maybe make it how current hybrid armour is: roughly -15 levels worth of armour rating, but in this case, accuracy.

-How many Slings?: One per lever tier seems a bit excessive. However, it could be much like the Squeal of Fortune weapons/armour that have options to ‘change the level’ of items. [Note: if this goes in-game, don’t make it Squeal, because I want one based off buying/finding/looting, not on luck.]

-How Many Hands to Wield?: Slings just cannot be dual wielded; it just doesn’t work that way. That being said, I still see it as one-handed. Perhaps you can wield with a shield.