God statues mini runescape game

Hi all hope its a good fun nice day where you are.

I just went to do the monthly construction god building to get my free xp, i always start at yanille, trouble is i have tried changing thru the various screen set up modes, every time i go to build the statue, the chat channel interface is blocking one of the pillers so i cant build it, its probably something stupid, as i have tried moving chat thingy and cant can anyone please help as its real annoying ??? I have even tried my laptop its doing the same grrrr, this is why i dislike new content.

Yeah for sure it is, its a friggin joke you pay to play and ive been trying to do it almost 3 hours now and posted on here a couple times and no help in two hours, thats jagex for ya i guess take your cash and dont worry when you have issues etc great service and value for money not.

I’ve tried on swiftkit and normal rs and im having no luck, it looks like jagex has really messed it up for me and you post on there forums etc and they dont get back to you with any help really shows how much they bother, very dissapointing and annoying that i cant do something that im paying for each month grrrr.

Yes i fully with and understand what you mean, i think this Rs 3 Gold was one of the biggest mistakes, and a lot of it is like something out of platform games like 10 years ago, i was happy as rs was and not so many problems, well thanks so much for the help you offered tc my friend.