Free RS Gold and Free Vouchers in Game-Engine Update

Now the problem was solved.Runescape developers have fixed the bugs and unusual behavior changes caused by engine update. Some of the players might want to ask why the team keeps fiddling with the engine since it works fine. To answer that question one should have know something about what are they have been doing to the game-engine and why.

They have been working on the current version for 6 years, for adding new features and new content. 6 years is not a short time, that’s why they have to make sure the Runescape gold  engine will perfectly work currently and for the next few years. It is a must-do job, because all of us take a very long term view with RuneScape and fully expect the engine is being improved for many years to come. No players want to meet a sudden break down.

But rush to fix the system make them do less testing than normal. So other problems occurred to make players to do 2 things at once that weren’t previously possible. So they have to do a lot of the careful balancing of the game. Finally they fixed it. Now there’s a better Runescape engine to work and to build on for further improvement.We hope the new version of Runescape gold engine can really work better and run for years, because lots of players want to stick on the game.
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