For the runescape EOC players

Jagex has stated that Runescape EoC is here to stay. Thousands like you( I was one ) have posted a thread with the exact same complaint. Since it’s not going to revert, I would highly recommend that you think of ways that the EoC can be improved to make quality of gameplay more enjoyable for everyone that feels this way.

The only improvememnt possible jagex dont want do it and so the decline in players continues ,
in mi opinion ,runescape addiction was part of this game and eoc-wow-wana-be is effectivly helping players break away and with new games ,school and everything else .
the few players left better start buying extra spins .

Well, I think its been a good 9-10 months since eoc has came, and i see a huge decrease in the amount of players there are. When i log on to play rs 3 gold back in the day i saw world 1 and 2 full and a good 300-500 players on the other servers, now i see 300 as the most populated. i know that thats split because of old school rs, but still thats low. Im here to give jagex player feedback. I think that most players would like to see the eoc gone, bring back rs right before it was changed, keep 07scape, and add a new server like they did with 07 called eoc. this is my opinion, no hate, but i believe most players would agree with… (BTW Jagex i was hacked for a while, thats y i have 2 reports on my account.)