End game content providing thousands of hours of game-play

End game content providing thousands of hours of game-play with an emphasis on community.

nearly all the current end game content has been unlocked by a large amount of players,
therefore leading to most people grinding out the drops which will eventually make them crash to under a million each. Runescape 2007 Gold.

Think about it GWD is still played today in the live game due to the price of drops,
and how immersive the gameplay is it was actually one of the most enjoyable PvM experiances I’ve ever had in the game when it was released in 2007 up until EoC.

More enjoyable in the early days when it took 20-40 people to kill just bandos with whips.
Current end game content:

DKs – endless content for item drops. RS 2007 Gold.

Barrows – majority of players doing this currently, making it less worth your time.

Kalaphite Queen – Dragon Chainbody

Chaos Elemental – Dragon 2h

Slayer – Drops, Whips(grind fest estimated time until 1-2m ea 1month), Dark bows.

Skilling – Endless content or live game. Runescape Gold.


Thousands of hours of gameplay
4 Bosses + Trash mobs
-Armadyl – armadyl godsword, armadyl armour
-Bandos – bandos boots, bandos godsword, bandos chest/tassets
-Zamorak – Zammy Spear, Zammy godsword
-Saradomin Dragon boots(trash mob) – SGS