Do you want to get Festive Pets

Rory is legendary reindeer pet , so you ‘ll see him grow from a child to teenager to adult , there are two expressions at every stage . What makes Luoli You Special – In addition to his glowing nose , of course – is that his every expression tells a story. When you help Rory grow up, you will see how he is trying to fly, apply a current progress . He is a delightful Christmas treat, I ‘m sure you’ll agree !

In line with the festive season , the store offers price discounts related to Rory reindeer December period. For the rest of the month , Rory can be yours for a mere 995 Runecoins ( members) or 1170 Runecoins ( free agent ) .


Elvis Pressie
The second week of release is a companion pet shop – this is no doubt Elvis Pressie. A living Christmas gift , Elvis will follow your wherever you go , and can perform an expression. But be careful , because he is known to play a prank on his friend.

Now you can find the general store in the Solomon Gielinor, positive Metropark Locke’s big exchanges ! Then have two pets.

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