Constant freezing

On RS 3 Gold, from the second I enter my name and pass and press “Log-in” it constantly freezes, it will stop for a few seconds then freeze again, it takes me 5 minutes to select a world, I’m trying to give RS3 a shot but I can’t even play the game, my settings are as low as possible and I tried changing my display mode, and once a log in, I literally can’t change around any of my interfaces or walk around or do anything. Help please??

It’s not even lag though, it’s just a freeze, it’ll freeze for a few seconds, then run flawless for a couple seconds, then freeze again, when RS3 first came out I logged onto it and had no problem, now when I go on it does this, I have tried using both display modes and it still does it, I have turned on Maximum CPU usage, I have no clue why it does this

Which display mode are you running RS in? OpenGL or DirectX?

I personally use OpenGL and am also on the lowest possible graphics settings. I have also allocated “Maximum” to my CPU usage. You might want to also try closing all other programs to minimize the potential graphical lag you experience on RS Gold.

Check if your graphics card drivers and Java versions are up-to-date. That’s all I can think of that would be the cause of your lag, based on your description.