Runescape Hitpoints Skill Guide

One of the most important concepts to understand in Runescape is that of hitpoints, sometimes called HP, health, or life points. These basically represent how many hits your character can take before he or she dies. The more hitpoints you have, the more powerful monsters you can take on and the longer you’ll be able to survive in massive battles. If your hitpoints reach zero, your character will reappear at your spawn point, which is often far away from where you died.

Increasing Your Hitpoints

One very important goal in Runescape is to increase your hitpoints so you can take more damage and fight stronger monsters. The best way of doing this is to fight. Each time you hit an enemy in Runescape, your hitpoints increase. The exact increase depends on how much damage you did. The basic formula is to take the damage you cause and multiply it by 1.33. Dealing 20 points of damage to a monster would, therefore, raise your hitpoints by 26. This is the most efficient way of gaining more health in Runescape, but there are other ways.

Items Available to Free Players and Members

There are two items players can use to raise their hitpoints. They include the Genie’s Lamp and the Book of Knowledge. Both can be received by completing random events. The Genie’s Lamp comes from the Genie event, while the Book of Knowledge is a reward from the Surprise Exam event.

Members Only Mini-Game Rewards

A paying member of Runescape has three more options for increasing his or her hitpoints. They include winning the Pest Control mini-game or the Tears of Guthix mini-game, although the Tears game will only increase a player’s hitpoints if it is their lowest skill. Finally, players may receive the Antique Lamp by completing various quests and by winning the Varrock Museum mini-game.

Gaining Hitpoints from Jewelry

Equipping different types of jewelry can give you more hitpoints or provide other benefits that can save your hitpoints. Here are just a few jewelry options.

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Community Round-Up

Our exciting Winter Weekends continue this week with double minigame rewards throughout Saturday and Sunday. Of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend event without some JMod action so we’ll be joining in on the fun and taking part in certain minigames as well! Find out more here.

Fansite News

RuneZone are getting into the Christmas spirit with their 12 Days of Christmas celebration kicking off with a huge party at the Grand Exchange! Find out more and get involved over on their website.

Having trouble with last week’s quests? Sal’s Realm of RuneScape has you covered with their great new guides for Ariane’s first two adventures: Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories!

If the heat of the TzHaar is also getting too much for you then you might want to check out RuneHQ’s great guide for RuneScape’s latest Grandmaster quest: The Brink of Extinction!

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Community Creations

This aberrant spectre-inspired drawing from GnomeWillow is absolutely terrifying – hopefully he has the required Slayer level to deal with it!

About Runescape Vampire Slayer Quest

Teleport runes for Varrock and Falador/Lumbridge.Weapon, food and armour.Walkthrough

1. Get the Garlic
When you are in Morgan’s house, go upstairs. Open the cupboard and search it. You will get some Garlic. Talk with Morgan and ask about how you can kill the vampire and he will tell to you talk with a old friend, his name is Dr. Hallow.

2. Wooden stake
Teleport or go to Varrock. If you don’t have the Hammer, buy it in the General Store for 1gp, then head to Blue Moon Inn, located in the Southern part of Varrock. To get there, go to the main square on Varrock, then follow the road to the south until you see the pub, which is labelled with a beer icon. Buy some Beers before talking to Dr. Hallow. Give him a few Beers and talk to him. Just talk and talk until he gives you a wooden stake.

3. Killing the Vampire
You can now go back to Draynor. Before you go and attempt to kill the Vampire remember bring a HAMMER, the STAKE and GARLIC!!! Once you are ready go up to the Mansion. Go inside, walk through the door to the north before turning east. You should see the stairs that lead down. Now go down to basement and try to selling runescape gold open the coffin there. Count Draynor will appear and automatically attack you, dispatch him. Remember the stuff, and he will be easy. When you have defeated him, the quest is done. Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Combat: Action and Adrenaline!

The Combat HQ has been updated with a whole host of information about the hotly anticipated action bar, and a new feature for the Evolution of Combat beta: adrenaline!

This week, all the information you need to know about the upcoming action bar has been added to a new tab, including details of how you can add abilities to the bar; how it works once you’ve set it up; key mapping, and much more!

Also this week, we’re pleased to announce details of adrenaline: a player resource brand new to the Evolution of Combat. Located just above the action bar slots, your adrenaline meter builds up as you do damage in combat. The new Basic abilities can be used to generate additional adrenaline, while Thresholds and Ultimates require you to have a certain amount of adrenaline before their use, as they’re more powerful. To find out more about this system, head over to the Combat HQ and check out the new Action Bar and Adrenaline tab.

In addition to the Combat HQ update, here’s another episode of Behind the Scenes on video, dedicated to the Evolution of Combat. Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter will take you on a whistle-stop tour through the new action bar and adrenaline features! You’ll see how the action bar will work, and watch as both the action bar and adrenaline are used in combat situations!



Finding Suitable Monkeys

Head to Ape Atoll with any greegree, a m’speak amulet and at least 10 coins. You only need the coins if you don’t have a M’amulet mould. Go to the monkey temple and speak to any of the three wise monkeys. They will suspect you of being human. Admit that you are and they will ask you to prove it, but there’s a problematic guard watching. Using bananas from a crate on the far side of the temple, you must make a path of bananas that leads to the crate. Leaving the bananas in one spot too long will cause them to rot and disappear, and if they are placed more than three squares apart, the monkey will not be attracted to the banana. Putting a banana too close to a gorilla guard will cause him to eat it.

It is easiest to pre-place certain bananas to make your job easier. Green squares indicate a pre-placed banana, blue squares indicate the second round of bananas. You will need about 18 green bananas (more or less may be needed depending on where you drop them). Setting up the bananas must be done quickly or they will rot and the monkey guard will return to the three wise monkeys.

When you get the following message, return to the three wise monkeys:

After talking to them, remove your greegree to Sell RuneScape Gold reveal your true form. Afterward, they will ask you a few questions about Apmeken to test your knowledge. The answers are as follows:

The baboon head.
On the monkey’s shoulders.
The monkeys will suggest you go to the king and request to set up a colony. Your character will insist on the desert while he insists on Karamja. Say the desert has choc-ice to trade and he will consider the idea if you bring him some choc-ice in the shape of a monkey. At this point, you may want to go to the monkey child’s house to pick 10 bananas.

RuneScape Swept Away Quest Guide

The great news about RuneScape Swept Away is that it is no longer just for members only. This game was released especially  so as you would expect there is lots of spooky action to be enjoyed. Your aim is to help a witch find special ingredients that she needs to add to her cauldron; if you take on this mission she will reward you with some of her potion. A fair exchange for this short and easy task and she will also give you a broom. You will find the witch, whose name is Maggie, in Draynor Village.


Skill: None
Quests: None
Difficulty: 1/5
Length: Short (10 – 30 mins)
Members only: F2P

RuneScape Swept Away

Maggie will send you to look for three other witches. Your first task will be to go to visit Hetty in Rimmington. You will find inside a house there; you will recognize her by the fact that she has a huge caldron full of green yuck. Before she will help you there is a mission you need to carry out for here; he wants a newt to add to her cauldron. You will find a trapdoor south of her house. There you will find somebody called Gus who has a problem with mislabeled crates; just examine the animals and re-label the crates – easy. You will be rewarded with a newt and when you take this back to Hetty she will give you a potion for your broom.

Next you will want to go speak with Betty who lives in Port Sarim. You will first need to speak to Lottie though and she will give you another animal related puzzle. This one is a bit harder than the last and you will need to pick creatures up one at a time and put them where they need to go. No two animals can be in the same area together and if you mess up they will run away and you will need to start over. You have to put the animals in the area that best suits them. Once you have done this you will find a chest containing a wand which you then take back to Betty.

Your next destination will be Draynor Village where you will want to find Aggie who teleports you to another location. She too will want some assistance before she is willing to help you. Your quest will be to create four triangles by removing lines of sand; fairly straight forward and you just need to sweep away a few of the lines. Once you have completed this task your broom will gain some magic and you then be teleported back to Draynor Village.

You are now ready to go back to Maggie and help her finish the potion in the cauldron. Once you begin talking to her she will allow you to stir the contents. You have now completed RuneScape Swept Away and you are ready to collect your reward. She will give you ten bowls of goulash which will increase your skill level ten-fold – not bad for such a relatively straightforward adventure.

RuneScape the Blood Pact

RuneScape the Blood Pact is the first free quest since the Rune Mysteries back in 2003. If you have obtained 300 points elsewhere in the world you are then ready to begin the Blood Pact. The whole thing is quite straight forward and it shouldn’t tax you too much.

It starts in the Lumbridge Graveyard; here you will meet Xiena and she wastes no time telling you about her current problems. Apparently she has found out that some Zamorak cultists have taken another girl hostage. If you agree to take this mission you will then get to see a cut scene where a girl called Illona is taken hostage by three members of the Zamorak Cult.

At the beginning of the RuneScape the Blood Pact Quest you walk into a room but before you can do anything one of the cultists will hit Xiena. You are now left to fight Kayle alone, but it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem. He has a combat level of 3 and if you somehow get too injured you can turn to Xiena who will be able to cure you. Kayle has twenty life points and you just need to keep running at him; if you want you can use the pillars for cover. Once you dispatch him make sure that you take the weapons; you will need these later in the quest. You should also remember to question Kayle before leaving this room; you will find out about the planned ritual.

RuneScape the Blood Pact Quest Guide

The next room you hit contains Cailin and she will use magic to attack you. There is a hole in the ground separating you from her and you will need to get close enough to attack here; while at the same time dealing with the attacks coming your way. Use the bow and arrow that you took from Kayle and you should win this one easy as well. Once you have disabled her ask more questions and you will find out more of the Zamorak plans. Take her stuff (staff and runes) and head onwards with your quest.

The last person you need to face is the warrior Resse. Make sure you equip the staff you have just taken from Cailin and head down the stairs. This cultist is actually the easiest of the lot to beat. Once you have done this you can question him, but before you can take his stuff he will swallow a poison. You have found Illona; talk to her briefly before taking her out of the dungeons.

You are now almost finished RuneScape the Blood Pact. All you have to do is talk with Xenia. You will be awarded 100 XP for magic, defense, attack, ranged, and strength. You will also now be allowed access to the Catacomb Dungeons in Lumbridge. If you want to find out more about what is going on you can continue to question Xenia; she will also tell you a bit about herself. Xenia admits that she wasn’t badly injured by Kayle but had just wanted to see how good you are.

Double money in Runescape

Here I collect a thread for all the Runescape players about how to trading hint to DOUBLE MONEY!! You could stick to this thread and you will be a moneybags soon! Just have fun!

It needs 20k Runescape gold at least to start:

1. Buy willows in Draynor Bank for 20gp each.

2. After about 1k world hop to a diiferent world(runescape gold).

3. Then sell the willows for 25gp each. Now you have 25k.

4. Back to the first world and buy 1250 willows.

5. Go to second world, sell willows 25gp ea. Now you have 31.25k.

6. Go to first world. Repeat until about 500k.

7. Buy Full Addy (t) 200k, sell for 450k. People are willing to buy and sell for these prices(rs gold)

Well, that is the usefull guide. Hope it is informative for you. If you have any question or idea, just post them here. Hope you have a good time in Runescapeand gain Runescape power leveling quickly! Good luck!

Link here to the orginal source. The author is Jay.You can buy runescape.

Runescape Merchanting Tips

Have you ever wondered what merchanting was? Well, it is just buying low and selling high. A lot of people get Runescape merchanting confused with scamming. Of course, this is not the case. Scamming is cheating other players out of their money, items, and so on.

Here is the quote of rule 2: “You must not scam or deceive other players. And lying to other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play.”

Merchanting is just buying as low as you can get it, and selling as high as you can. With the new trade limits, it makes it harder to buy super low, and sell super high, because players now know exactly how much they are paying. This usually means less people willing to pay the max price. Due to the trade limits, merchanting has almost become a dead topic. Now all people recommend doing is hording. Hording is my term for stocking up in ore, wood, ect… to sell as bulk to players. Hording and Merchanting are two of the same whole.

You see, Merchants need bulk items as cheap as they can get them so that they can sell the bulk items for more of a price. I have heard that there are three types of sellers.

You have: Repeat Sellers – These ones will give you a continuous flow of the bulk. As you keep on buying, you form a trust between each other and thus can get better deals.
Desperate Sellers – These are good, as if they are desperate you can get a way better deal. Usually these types of sellers are over stocked and will take the loss. Then you have the ones who do not know the value of an item. Personally, I think that this is a lot like scamming. Just so you know, due to the trade limits, these types of sellers do not exist. This is one reason that the Merchants have died out. So in a way, merchanting use to be a lot like scamming. Now a days, it just buying low and selling high.

I do not think I ever tried merchanting; it seemed like a lot of work for not so much profit. Not to mention that you had to have money to start with, and back before I developed my own ways, I had no money. I started earning money by chopping wood and then I moved onto fishing. Hording is an excellent way to make money. For those few who are still merchanting, I greatly recommend you switch over to Hording. As more and more people switch over, less and less are going to accept less than the normal price. As the price rises, merchanting will become a dead theory.

The people who Hord have figured out that they are accepting too low for their items now, because of the trade limits. So instead of selling low, they are going to go to the bulk buyers and sell for a better price. As this happens, the market will slowly rise. As the market slowly rises, more and more people will begin to switch over to hording. As this happens, people are going to look for the lowest price available. That is where you come in.

Hord and save, watch the market go up. When you think that it is time, sell as low as you can. I guarantee that you are going to have people lined up just waiting to buy from you, and because you spent your time hording, you will have the items to supply them. Thus, you become rich. Happy Hording!