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NBA 2K17: A VR Experience May Available For PS4

Days ago, the trophy list for NBA 2KVR Experience has been leaked out by Exophase (via Pasta Padre). The list has not be announced by 2K Sports now, but may out within the next few months. Still, this would be the first licensed sports video game to make a dedicated VR offering. The 13 achievements don’t speak to the full delivery of NBA 2K17 into virtual reality, but more of a series of minigames. Party events, three-point shooting challenges and time attack modes are all…

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NBA 2K17 Gamers Complain About Patch 1.05 Notes

The newly-released patch 1.05 notes was complained by dedicated players of the NBA 2K17 game, when it comes to the bright side, regarding the locker codes of the DeMar DeRozan MyTeam moments card is also revealed by the developer. No one can prevent fanatic players from buying Cheap NBA 2K17 MT. 2K Games detailed the changes that they will make for patch 1.05. For one, the HDR support had already been added for PS4. The official Facebook page of NBA 2K also covered the game’s…

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NBA 2K17 Bugs & Patch 1.05: Bugs Affecting Score System

From NBA 2K17 was released on Sept.20, NBA 2K17 has a lot of issues to fixed, even if the massive patch 1.05 update released just early this week, however, there are a few problem bothering some players, such as latest glitch involves the score system. It’s said to that plently of players have already ready for Buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4 as soon as possible. NBA 2K17 Latest Update: Roster Additions 2K has finally added a stalwart on its roster via latest update. Former Dallas…

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