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EA Sports has rectified FIFA 15 servers

According to Runeme, FIFA 15 servers was rectified and new packages of TOTW 28 was released yesterday, which was really good news to all FIFA 15 fans, get more FIFA 15 News on Original article: The FIFA 15 servers just went down today right at the moment EA Sports delivered the TOTW for March 25. Players are reporting EA server problems right now with the most popular football game on PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles, even though no official statement has been released…

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Qatar World Cup Will be Opened in November

FIFA confirmed that Qatar 2022 World Cup will be opened in November of that year, while the finals will be carried out in December 18. And more FIFA 15 Coins in online, so all of you just come here for more fun! and more game enjoyment! FIFA Task Force to confirm the February Qatar World Cup will take place in the winter, FIFA Secretary General Walker is revealed in November tend to December. This decision is to avoid Qatar FIFA World Cup between June and July were hot,…

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team being Changed by EA

So, as everyone has seen, EA has changed ultimate team this week adding price caps on players to attempt to put an end to FIFA 15 Coins buying. They claim that they have done this to stop people gaining an unfair advantage over other players.   I must admit there are positives and negatives to this new feature but overall I’m happy with it. If they keep an active eye on sales I do think that this feature can be a success (e.g. as players values drop…

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event ambassadors, Canada 2015

Some new event ambassadors of FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™

We just knows from UTfifa15coins that FIFA have released two new event ambassadors of Canada 2015, including Joining Kara Lang, Honourable Rona Ambrose, Kirstine Stewart and Hayley Wickenheiser, who are both excellent women in their area. Stewart is one of Canada’s most highly-respected business women, with a career spanning over 25 years. Universally admired, she has led some of Canada’s largest television production and media companies, including CBC English Language Services. She now serves as Twitter’s North American lead for television, sports, music, talent, entertainment,…

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Dean Coombes, Munich Grand Final

Dean Coombes get the qualification for Munich Grand Final

The FIWC 2015 United Kingdom live qualifier event is held in Stamford Bridge, home of London giants Chelsea yesterday, which was a big war between eight finalists. FIWC is the biggest video game tourment held by EA Sports, to which you pay your money for FIFA 15 Coins. After a tough day of knockout matches, 21-year-old Dean Coombes from Liverpool emerged with the UK title, securing his very first ever trip to a FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final! Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta presented Dean…

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Fernando Pacheco, Peruvian

Fernando Pacheco, a rising star of Peruvian

Fernando Pacheco, a 15-year-old Peru football player have already won something after be a member of Peruvian, just like Jefferson Farfan, Paolo Guerrero and Claudio Pizarro, who have got an international title for their country, he is a successor of Peru football. The kid they call La Foca (The Seal) top scored for Peru when they won gold at the Men’s Youth Olympic Football Tournament Nanjing 2014, a notable high point for a country now unaccustomed to success on the big stage. Pacheco and his…

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video technology, FIFA

Video technology will harm referees, not protect them, says FIFA

FIFA have deferred experimenting with video technology for at least another 12 months, according to Video technology will harm referees, not protect them and it will be the biggest decision ever in Jerome Valcke’s eyes, who is the FIFA secretary-general. A proposal by the Dutch Football Association to test its system next season was backed by England and Scotland but the International Football Association Board, which includes the associations of Wales and Northern Ireland, decided on Saturday at their meeting in Belfast that it…

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Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

FIFA 15 ranks second in Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Here is a list of Sports Game Power Rankings, which was launched by Some of the leading writers and personalities in sports video game. We can easily find out the top 5 video games, some game you have already tried and others you haven’t played before even never heard, like FIFA 15 and MLB 14: The Show. If sports video games have a season, the time between the holidays and March is its off-season. In that spirit, it’s a good time to recap where gaming’s…

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ranking, top 10

A ranking of top 10 hottest transfer footballers

If you are a football fan, you would interested in the latest football transfer gossip, which becomes a popular topic in the world of football. We help you to have a easier life by providing you with a ranking of the 10 hottest transfer footballers, hoping bring some happiness for you. Whether it is the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, alternative European leagues or non-European leagues, this slideshow will be inclusive. These 10 players will be subjectively ranked via a…

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FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup tickets: special discount for you

There are now less than 100 days to go until FIFA Women’s World Cup, which makes football fans feel excited and the countdown have already began. Here comes a good news that is giving the first 100 shoppers a 15 per cent discount to buy a ticket in online store. Is there an international Women’s team jersey you have had your eye on? Have you been eager to get your feet on the adidas Conext15 – the Official Match Ball of the FIFA Women’s…

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