Benefits of becoming a member of the RS

Players are divided into two types. Is a completely free agent, the other is a member. If there will be a very big difference, as a free agent, a member. In a word, if you become a member, you will have more fun and enjoy more privileges, when you play the RS.

When you play a free RS players don’t have any runescape member, you can only in a world of non-members. You will not be able to in the members in the world. Ok, this means that you will miss a lot of interesting members. Not only, but you will not be able to use member armor and weapons. There are a lot of rs items can only be used by members of the rs, so if you are a free agent, and then we will be sorry to tell you, you will miss a lot of fun and because of this.


But it will not any role in upgrading your role as a free agent or members. You will get the same quantity rs gold quantity if you play very hard. But if you are too busy with the school or work, you can consider to play runescape robots when you study at school or work in the office. But using a robot is not very safe, because Jagex borrow money does not allow players, a violation of their policies. Because money can bring a lot of runescape gold, many players still keep using it.

Ok, now let’s check when you can play the RS as members. You can explore the new city of exotic, conquer new skills and advantages to join and participate in community activities. And all of these can’t enjoy free agent. So that’s not good enough? Add member is not very expensive. It takes less than $10 a month. Member you buy, the longer you will get a cheaper price.
If you don’t have enough cash to pay the member, please don’t worry, because you can use your runescape gold bonds traded with other players in the game, and then use the bond exchange member directly in Jagex store it is very easy. So in the game and as far as possible more gold, then you can enjoy treatment of members.