Being a member of Runescape has so many benefits

Runescape and see the moral of the game when being a regular user and not a member but becoming a member brings a whole lot of additions to Runescape that you would never see if you were not a member.

Being a member of Runescape has so many benefits and I will try to list them all here for you. Runescape tells you them, but I’m going to detail it a few features for you here.There are several ways of getting higher attack levels on Runescape. The most common way is to just train on monsters.


Although training on monsters is probably the most known and considered the easiest way, there are indeed other ways.For members, there is the mini game of Pest Control. In this game, you fight bugs on an island with your team. If you achieve a certain amount of points while fighting, you will get some points afterward, which you can use to get items. The points while fighting are calculated by your hits. If you hit a 5, you will have 5 points. If you hit a 10 after that, you will have 15 and so fourth. I believe the goal is 60 points or more.

More is always better as the more you get the more points you will get back on the island. To get to Pest Control you will have to take a ship found at Port Sarim. It is a fun mini game and is very good with raising your attack, though I do not recommend it for lower levels.makers of Runescape, the World’s most popular and multi-award winning F2P MMO adventure game.

unveiled the first details of the upcoming RuneScape combat update: The Evolution of Combat.RuneScape members will have the opportunity to be among the first to trial the new system with a limited access closed beta; the first in the game’s history. RuneScape is a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG), set in a fantasy world of warring races, ravaged landscapes and sinister powers.

Having chosen an adventurer, players are free to find their role within it: to live by the sword and face hundreds of enemies, to further the storyline in RuneScape’s quests, or to train in any of a number of skills.RuneScape allows its players to decide what is important to them. Many players enjoy fighting in the heat of close combat, hunting out ever more powerful beasts.

Others prefer to destroy their enemies from a distance with magic or missile weapons. But the game is not limited to combat: you might prefer to make the weapons of war, rather then wield them, and labour over a furnace and an anvil, or whittle arrows from wood — all civilisations need their craftsmen, after all. Other players enjoy simply wandering across RuneScape meeting other players and characters, looking at the scenery, or completing quests.