Path of Exile 3.6 Marauder Builds For Juggernaut, Berserker and Chieftain

The Marauder is Path of Exile’s pure strength class, which suggests that he is excellent at taking hits, and also better at dishing out punishment. His melee skills encompass a broad array of assault, from huge single target damage to the devastating spot of a result. This brute of the guy bolsters his amazing bodily arsenal using a selection of shouts and cries, skills that rally his allies and strike terror to the hearts of his enemies.

[Poe 3.6 Juggernaut Build] Lifestyle regen phantasm + zombie Jug. 3K regen plus zombie leech

It truly is a little painful to perform, since the clearspeed is very slow. You cannot AFK run into packs, nevertheless, it is very forgiving, especially operating into traps and ground effects. Required to make use of summoning skeletons simply because unbuffed zombies suck total.

3000 daily life regen per 2nd
Plus regen from unbreakable ascendency
Plus regen from zombies (2% of 300K harm)
8K daily life
80 max resists
30% block
12% spell block
37% attack and spell dodge (with Vaal grace)
7K armor
Phantasms accomplishing 400K dps

Pob Link:
Read detail:

[Poe 3.6 Berserker Build] The Warchief fantastic for tricky bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper

Target your CWDT to activate at someplace in between 20-33% of one’s optimum well being then max out the triggered gems as substantial as your CWDT will let them. The optional portion would be the tradeoff among having a less solid advantage that activates far more regularly (20% overall health) vs. a stronger interest that permits significantly less on a regular basis (33% well being).

+ over 6k Existence
+ ~1000 life/s with an enduring cry and all charges (above 15% life reg)
+ 73% Phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
+ tough to die since you stay behind your Totems
+ can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh mainly because your totems will kill themselves on hit)
Cheap Poe Currency Build
+ at lvl 16+ (facebreakers) all content material
+ fantastic for hard bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
+ Stun immune with over 25 Rage stacks

– clear speed is common
– Totem playstyle isn’t for everyone
– 10% life degen (but with ~15% existence reg we nevertheless have 5% and do not degen)

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Skill Tree:
Read detail:

[Poe 3.6 Chieftain Build] Large, evident pace, Tanky, A great deal of Existence Regen is great for not dying vs. Delve darkness

This Build has the potential to get considerably greater DPS and more cozy to manage than Flicker Strike. Chose Chieftain to convert to 100% fire without taking Avatar of fire. This implies that you are nevertheless in a position to manage chaos/cold/lightning damage from Atziri’s Flask or Shaper stat-sticks. Chieftain also delivers a lot of other fire injury bonuses, too as tackiness.

+ Tanky. A lot of Life Regen is great for not dying vs. Delve darkness
+ Larger DPS than Flicker Strike
+ Quite a few approaches to scale harm
+ Higher evident velocity without having movement pace
+ Entertaining & Controllable version of Flicker Strike
+ Start using it from LV28 until endgame

– The molten strike might have greater single-target DPS

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Study detail:

What Does Everyone think of Fallout 76?

And just like that, I lost interest in Fallout 76, now do not get me incorrect I’m sure there are going to be persons around who will appreciate the game and take into consideration it fantastic by whatever standards they hold it as much as. But clearly, this game will not be aimed at me the longtime fan who has been enjoying the franchise given that late 1997 pretty much 21 years ago. Todd Howard from Bethesda has stated that the currency used to buy FO76 items are going to be earnable in-game or purchasable from genuine money.

Fallout had the biggest influence on my gaming life of any game as a hormonal 17-year-old. Fallout 1 and 2 were fundamentally the cause why I got into RPG’s in the first location, and I can not let you know just how several hours I spent playing both games exploring and soaking up the enormous amounts of lore the games had to provide.

Fallout 76 tips

The first two games exactly were slow-paced, methodical and really punishing even by today’s requirements, but if you stick with it the combat and picked the correct abilities it becomes extremely rewarding knowledge. The sheer volume of possibilities you had available in tackling the several quests the game had to offer was astounding even by today’s standards. Not to mention the world-building can nonetheless be deemed top-notch these days. Bethesda picked up the series and I was stoked for the reason that I was a large fan in the Elder Scrolls and figured they would do a superb job. They released three and yes, it was excellent, but there was anything lacking like it had no soul.

Fallout 76 tips

Then Fallout: New Vegas got released that is my third favored within the franchise behind 1 and 2. Coincidently the game was made by Obsidian Entertainment, which would explain why it had that missing ingredient lacking from all of Bethesda’s games. The level of detail and world creating it provided while nonetheless providing you massive amounts of player option rivaled that from the initial two games. Yes, it was buggy as hell, but I sunk about as lots of hours into that game as I did with both Fallout 1 & two combined. So it really saddened me to see the franchise go into an online-only direction when it is known for its single-player experience.

fallout 76 tips

Not to mention the fact that if the rumors are to believed that there won’t include NPC characters. A huge part of what made the Fallout franchise fun for me has been the oddball NPCs and their back stories and the immersive world they created. And then there is the addition of Microtransactions, yes I know they are cosmetic in nature but nevertheless. When you think Fallout the last thing you think about is always online and Microtransactions. And I’m well aware a franchise needs to evolve and grow and that we can’t be stuck inside the past forever. And like I stated at the start I don’t think it is going to be a bad game, but it lost that Fallout spark that made me love the franchise. And this entry is clearly aimed at a new generation of Fallout fans. Which doesn’t include me…

Folks seem to think my lack of interest in a game is me bashing or hating on it, it just isn’t. This is an acknowledgment by me that the game is clearly not aimed at me. But also a comment on the franchise moving away from certain aspects that made it so amazing inside the 1st spot. And that fact is what has pushed me away from the franchise.

Fortnite Christmas Jumpers Accept to Pre-order Now

Most Fortnite players will at present be preoccupied with Season 6‘s spooky Halloween theme, but retailers are currently seeking ahead for the next huge vacation. Now, you will not be able to struggle with getting a present for young Timmy this Christmas, as a single web page is providing Fortnite-themed Christmas jumpers. To get ready for the Halloween Event, maybe you want to buy some cheap fortnite weapons beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient fornite items seller,

Fortnite Christmas Jumpers

Merchoid has listed four sweaters for pre-order, which come in varying types of ugly battle-royale patterns. They are one hundred per cent knitted, but regrettably usually do not are available in llama wool. They actually missed a trick there.

Maybe the very best point concerning the sweaters are their names: “Flossin Around The Xmas Tree” in conjunction with “And A Llama In a Pear Tree” are just several of the delights on offer.

The sweaters cost £39.99, and although they’re getting sold on an American web page, include free of charge shipping to the UK. They look like a great point to put on while playing Fortnite Monopoly, that is also a issue now. I can’t wait to discover this supply drop beneath the tree at Christmas.

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PoE 3.3 Templar Builds for Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian

The Templar is Path of Exile’s strength/intelligence hybrid class, an ideal balance of brawn and wits. He is a skillful fighter, educated in an array of weapons, from the sharpest cutlass for the most huge two-handed mace. He’s also comfortable wielding a shield, either for further protection or as a deadly bludgeon. In combat, this pious warrior is specialist at augmenting his substantial offense having a wide range of magical abilities. The Templar is also adept at taking punishment, and he’s content to become up in the front lines, serving as a martyr and champion for his ranged companions. In right here, you could locate Three Path of Exile 3.3 Templar Builds for Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian.


[PoE 3.3 Templar Build] Ghostly Quad Totem HOWA. 10k ES, 77% Evade, 1.eight Million Shaper DPS

Quad totem has a drop and move playstyle and allows you to loot though the totems kill the issues spawning from boxes or Abyss cracks. Melee DPS numbers are only active whilst you’re attacking, but I like that totems keep damaging even while positioning and performing other points

This build uses a lot of cheap special items, many of the finish game ideal in slot items expense next to nothing.
Can do any map mod and clear all the content. Lots of people today now have utilized this build and taken down all guardians, shaper and uber Atziri deathless.
Certainly only 2 content, when achievable is an extra hassle then its worth
– Elemental reflect maps
– Hall in the grandmasters

– Fortify
– 10k+ ES
– 43% Likelihood to block
– Guardian evade possibility: 53% base, 77% with blind and 84% with blind and jade flask
– 5% ES regenerated per second + faster ES recharge rate and began time
– four Distracting totems find yourself taking most of the damage
– Ignite and shock immunity
The deterministic entropy system of block/evasion in POE won’t permit you to ‘get unlucky’ having a series of hits, you will be guaranteed a certain level of recovery time after they score a hit for the ES recharge to kick in.

Leveling Guides:
Skill Option
lvl 1-28 Molten strike with ancestral contact
lvl 28+ Ancestral Warchief taking ancestral bond within the tree for +1 totem
Leveling Gear
Leveling gear and path into endgame stuff. The highlighted items price 1c or much less. You should be able to begin mapping wearing just these highlighted(low-cost) items. To get a smoother experience to maintain an eye on level requirements and upgrade right after you hit them
Chest – Zahndethus Cassock Lvl 37 – Geofri’s Sanctuary lvl 64 – Atziri’s Splendour lvl 75
Weapon – Hand of Thought and Motion lvl 22 – Hand of Wisdom and Action lvl 68
Helm – Doedre’s Scorn lvl 39 – Vertex lvl 62
Gloves – Lochtonial Caress lvl 1 – Asenath’s Gentle Touch lvl 25 – Shaper’s Touch lvl 66
Boots – Shavronne’s Pace lvl 32 – Sin Trek lvl 62
Belt – Bated Breath lvl 22 – Cyclopean Coil lvl 68
Shield – Crest of Perandus lvl 8 – Atziri’s Mirror lvl 54
Ring – Timeclasp lvl 22 – Perandus Signet lvl 1
Amulet – Astramentis lvl 20

Priority order for gear upgrades
Assuming that you are already wearing the highlighted inexpensive items talked about above this can be the order I’d appear to get the final year.
Shaper’s Touch > Astramentis > Vertex > Cyclopean Coil (14% or 15% improved attributes) > Hand of Wisdom and Action > Perandus Signets > Atziri’s Splendour (500+ ES)
Verify the FAQ for some typical questions about gear choices/alternatives
As soon as totally geared there’s nevertheless area for improvements, do not overlook to check achievable rolls around the items. Having a near-great Atziri’s Mirror, Sin Trek and Astramentis are often achievable. There is certainly also a large ES distinction involving a min rolled Vertex along with a max rolled a single.

Ascendancy Order
The pursuit of Faith – Divine Guidance – Sanctuary Of Thought – Ritual Of Awakening
The initial lab gets +1 totem. The 2nd lab has a small influence, and it might wait. 3rd lab provides exceptional ES. 4th Lab for +1 totem. Once again.

The build paths close to a lot of life nodes and most players will pick up many of those when leveling then unspec out of them later after you swap into pure ES. How lots of you get to rely on how squishy you’re satisfied becoming.
Recommend picking up thoughts over matter whilst leveling but likely would not bother with the nodes behind it. Though working with a mind more than matter the only auras you’d be employing are clarity and discipline so it may absorb far more damage. Hardcore characters, in unique, pick up a lot more life and probably take Divine Guidance for their first ascendancy point for an early protective mana increase
Generally, swap sometime right after level 60 when I have sufficient gear to reach about 5k ES. Just hold a life flask on you and watch for chaos harm till then
Right here can be a look for 3 stat jewels in beastery. Something on this list ought to be beautiful to work with, and a lot of expense 1c or less.

Pob Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Instance Link:


[PoE 3.3 Templar Build] Ridiculously Tanky, Uber Elder Viable Guardian Build

This Build Is For you personally For those who Got Sick Of Squishy Small Ripshit Mathil Builds. Facetank All Content And Don’t Rip With 1.five Mil Deeps.
The most beneficial you can do is asses your gear and budget/level situation and verify what you can get and what not. You’ll want to adjust your tree for your existing level and gear that getting stated you’ll be able to copy it, but own adjustments are highly recommended. Should you are new to this game, This Build highly recommends To not do that build. LL RF SR was by no means a simple build, to begin with, however it scales very nicely until the end of all challenges (Uber Elder). With that in thoughts, you will discover some price range setups like hierophant SR totem build perhaps a extra starter strong build fits your requirements. In the event you are new for the game: Don’t Commence This Build From Lvl 1. If you would like to feel ultra secure pack a bottle with “removes burning on use” this removes the degen from Righteous Fire and let Arakaalis 50% increased regen kicks in. Regen about 10k/ second is attainable.

Soul of Arakaali; Soul of Tukohama

Bandit: Oak

Pob Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Example Hyperlink:

[PoE 3.3 Templar Build] Higher Single Target Dps With Bv Bashtart’S Spark Blood Rage Inquisitor Build

We activate blood rage a physical debuff is applied to us, when we get hit CWDT procs immortal get in touch with and activate the Arakawa pantheon “50% elevated Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you’ve stopped taking Harm More than Time Recently” that is a crazy increase to our life regen and leech. The life get is just not shown in your tooltip, but you’ll want to really feel it in action.

The offense is the best defense. The synergy among higher crits and sparks everywhere leads to freezing mobs all over the map. We make a shield of freezing sparks around us which can be healing us with every single hit. We freeze almost every little thing ahead of it even hit us. That makes this build very protected, safe, rapid and enjoyable to play!

+ Best tier clearspeed
+ high single target dps with BV
+ incredibly secure mapping (all mods are possible except ele reflection)
+ viable for lvl 100
+ comfortable, quick and exciting to play
+ swift movement speed

– can’t facetank almost everything
– no regen maps might be annoying

Bandits: Alira (5 mana reg per sec, 20% Crit Multiplier, 15% all resistances)

> Soul of Tukohama: Even though stationary, obtain 2% additional Physical Harm Reduction each second, as much as a maximum of 8%. While stationary, get 0.5% of Life Regenerated per second each second, up to a maximum of 2%
Upgrade Map: T10 Siege
> Soul of Arakaali: essential to attain the crazy volume of life again! (Guard when the debuff of blood rage stopped in the immortal call that is the item from Cwdt when we get hit.)
Upgrade Map: T5 Toxic Sewers, T12 Torture Chambers, T15 Sunken City

Leveling Guides:

Suggest leveling with self-cast firestorm/blade vortex, and also you can use as an example a decoy totem.
Propose a dual firestorm totem build for leveling with a couple of much more life notes.
Level 2: use “magma orb.”
Level 6: use “magma orb” & “flame totem”
Level 12: use “firestorm” & “flame totem”
About level 16: after you get ancestral bond link “spell totem” with firestorm (only your totems can deal damage when you spec into ancestral bond)
Level 28 (optional): You are able to choose to go with flame blast instead of Firestorm. Both are great for leveling from this point on.
Also use as soon as available
– Temporal chains to slow enemies
– The purity of elements for resistance
– Herald’s for extra damage
Please notice: as soon as you do the second lab and spec into Inevitable Judgment, a diamond flask lets your DPS explode.
You should try to get all skill setups shown within the primary guide when they are available, and also you come across some fitting socketed items. Especially try to get the movement set up and also the Cwdt for additional survivability.
The link in following order:
1) Firestorm + Spell Totem
2) Firestorm + Spell Totem
3) More quickly Casting
four) Improved Duration.
5) Elemental Focus / Fire Penetration support
6) Controlled destruction
We wish to use as much movement speed as doable and use two Quicksilver flask to continually sprint from mob group towards the subsequent and just cast our two totems.
Don’t progress too rapidly, sometimes when the maps get hard to take a step back. Level a bit and get better gear. You’ll find two right farming spots which it is possible to use to grind some levels and gear though leveling (Normally grind 2-4 levels and then again leveling is much additional comfy):
> Act five: The Chamber of Innocence
> Act 10: The Desecrated Chambers

PoB Link:
Skill tree:
Example Hyperlink:


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Fortnite Save the World Managing Inventory Tips For Novices

The Inventory is exactly where sources and crafted Fortnite items are stored. Covering more than an item will display a tooltip with far more information. It is attainable to enhance inventory size by acquiring an early access pack or by getting a node within the Skill Tree. The straightforward truth is that it can be way too modest and there is certainly nowhere to store items when you’re not working with them. You either maintain them in your bag, or you scrap them. There is a strategy to shop items at your storm shield, but this really is so little at the moment that it tends to make managing inventory no less complicated. Here are some issues to help with managing inventory in Fortnite.

Use Storm Shield Inventory Slots

In addition towards the player’s inventory, which is accessible during missions, players have a separate storage location in their Storm Shield that is only accessible while inside the Storm Shield map. While the Storm Shield base is unique to each map location, the player’s storage inventory persists between locations. This storage starts with only 5 storage slots, but the number of slots can be increased through the Skill Trees and Research.
When players receive rewards for Expeditions that don’t fit into their main inventory storage, any excess is automatically placed into the Storm Shield’s storage. This can cause the player’s Storm Shield inventory to exceed the maximum number of storage slots they have access to. This will not result within the loss of items, but will simply prevent the player from accepting any additional expedition rewards that would add items to their Storm Shield storage until they lessen the number of items in storage to below their storage maximum.
As of patch 3.2, Expeditions may no longer continue to add a lot more items towards the Storm Shield storage even after the maximum has been exceeded. Instead, players are prevented from claiming additional items. These excess items are usually not lost; they are simply inaccessible until there is room in the Storm Shield storage to accept them
This was a let down for me as I thought the safe that came with the founder’s edition of Fortnite would boost this capacity, but it isn’t the storm shield inventory that it increases. When you go to the terminal at your storm shield pyramid, you could access the inventory storage. At the start of the game you aren’t able to store anything right here, but you will eventually get a perk that lets you store 5 items in here. It isn’t great, but for factors like rocket launchers that you might not use often, but want to save for a rainy day, this can be really helpful. It can also be superior should you uncover a very rare crafting resource, but can’t use it. Free up space by putting it in the storm shield since it’s unlikely you will uncover more of them to take advantage of item stacking.

Use The Talent Tree Skills

The Research trees allow the player to unlock additional stat bonuses, Expedition slots, Survivor slots and Transform keys. Nodes are unlocked by applying Research Points. Research Points are generated at a set rate per hour (even while the player is offline) and stored within a collection area. The number of research points you can generate and the retailer is limited and will increase with each tier of research you may have unlocked. The Research Point generation rate can be upgraded through the Skill Trees.
There are skills within your talent tree that will increase the capacity of your backpack and the storm shield base. They don’t come often, but when you find yourself able to unlock one, be sure to do it right away. An increase of 5 seems compact, but when your total capacity is 50, that tends to make a 10% boost. There are a few distinct locations on both the talent tree and the research tree that will allow you to enhance backpack capacity by 5 and storm vault storage by 5. If that is an issue for you, I will make sure to purchase these skill points.

Recycle Unneeded / Old Gear

As permanent items usually do not use allotted armory space, then an item reset, or ability to craft decrease tiers of an upgraded item would be far more useful while avoiding the issue of accidentally recycling re-unobtainable items. A *hide from craft list* addition would be nice for those permanently reduced rarity and unused items we decide not to recycle/add towards the collection so the crafting list is quicker to navigate mid-game. Side note for an upcoming event; Those that participated inside the horde bash last year can attest to how annoying an event that doesn’t allow the use of your normal inventory can be for those who don’t have schematic sets leveled for each tier of the event.
The vote is allow downgraded crafting. Upgraded your favorite item to malachite but only have silver/copper on hand? Allow the silver or copper version to be crafted off of the malachite schematic as if it was a copper/silver schematic. Perhaps a simply added button under inspect for “craft decrease tiered version.” This would also fix the issue of players upgrading as well early and not being able to craft their item due to lack of larger tiered Fortnite materials. It allows for far more flexibility in our inventory and crafting needs.
After you have got obtained some less common Fortnite weapons and items, you no longer need the gray equipment and in some cases the green weapons. Any time you discover you no longer need them, get rid of them. You may either recycle or dump them. Either way, they are no use to you anymore and should be gotten rid of to free up valuable inventory space. When the durability of a weapon is almost gone, you should recycle it rather than let it break. You may get resources from scrapping a weapon even when it is almost gone, so it’s better to do this and get something rather than let it break. It also helps get rid of the junk faster.

Don’t Hoard Stuff
mentioned inside the main Fortnite newcomers guide that you shouldn’t hoard stuff. You’ve 50 slots within your backpack in the start and in the event you are doing a lot of scavenging, which you should be, those 50 slots will fill up very fast. The thing is the fact that you shouldn’t really have 10-15 traps within your inventory. Maintain 3 or 4 for an emergency, but all others should be used. Use them on your storm shield base for those who don’t want to waste them on the missions with other players. I was hoarding these for a while and discovered that 18 slots of my bag were being taken up with traps, some of them were fairly useless.

Craft weapons when you have the ingredients

Fortnite Crafting Components are needed to craft various items like traps, ammo, and weapons. Specific components have levels and are more commonplace in particular regions. For example, Copper Ore is easy to locate in Stonewood, but in Canny Valley, it’s virtually nonexistent as higher level items call for higher level ingredients.
Should you have great schematics for weapons that are far better than the one particular you will be using, craft it, assuming you’ve got the components. Utilizing the ingredients will cut down inventory space and gives you a far better weapon. You can scrap the reduced high-quality weapon. This can be a sort of stick to up to the don’t hoard stuff step but within a diverse sort of way.

Toss Weapons & Traps When you have The Schematics

Schematics are plans found in the various Loot Llamas and offered as some quest rewards.
Schematics are recipes allowing players to Craft Weapons and Traps from Materials (which can generally be found by harvesting the many distinct things within the globe).
Schematics are “Extremely” important and can define your ability to progress smoothly through the game.
All schematics can be leveled up by spending “Schematic” experience points you will earn from various quests and missions (also achievable to get the various experience points from loot llamas).
Each tier requires various amounts of experience to level up, with common (white/grey) and uncommon (green) schematics been somewhat less than rare (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange) each version quickly requiring much a lot more experience to level up.
The Benefit of leveling up the various schematics is that they increase in power as they level up, guns & traps will do additional damage.
Each schematic will also have extra unlocked, feasible power increases or modifiers. These, as a rule, are unlocked at schematic levels of 5,10,15,20,25.

If you have several weapons in your inventory that are good, then consider scrapping the ones that you’ve schematics for. You may rebuild these at a later date. Use up the one-off weapons that you might have found in chests and what not. This way when the weapons you have got found are broken, you may rebuild the ones that you’re previously scrapped. Scrapping the weapon will give you some of the components required to rebuild it anyway so it will all work out within the end and will preserve the inventory level down.

Take Advantage Of Item Stacking
To have everything stackable, people would take to much of an advantage for the end game. We already have people bitching about the double shotgun, imagine someone having 7 rocket launchers all loaded ready to fire.
But the stacking grenades could be an excellent idea. But don’t think it’s required if I’m honest all part of the fun.
Items can be stacked on top of each other meaning that you are able to get a certain number of the same item and it will create a stack that only takes up 1 inventory slot. Planks, for instance, can be put in stacks of 99. You’ll be able to have 99 planks within your inventory, and it will only use up 1 space within your backpack. When you’re gathering sources, you should retain this in mind, particularly for common items. Should you discover a very rare item, chances are you will be waiting a while to seek out another. Keeping this inside your backpack might be a waste of time. On the other hand, points like planks and bolts are very common, and you could take advantage of the stacking to collect a lot of these resources without wasting space inside your bag.

How To Be the Most Strategically Sdvanced Berserker in Tera

Are you currently stuck on a crucial storyline quest which seems impossible to advance? Is expensive gear draining your stash of gold? According to the TERA Berserker guides, the tips and Tricks will ensure you will not face these problems. Providing selected tips and strategies, you will be the most strategically advanced Berserker amongst your friends.

Berserker Tera

Skills and Abilities: Curious to know which skill build is the right one for you? Throw away what you’ve known previously before making inevitable mistakes.

1. In PvE, race isn’t as much of an issue as with PvP, however some races do have their advantages over others.

  • Elin – Longer reach on Thunder Strike, but no active or passive bonuses that work in combat.
  • Castanic – 1% higher chance to crit from behind.

2. If you’re too close to a target with a large hitbox, using Overwhelm to get away might actually turn you around into the target. To avoid this walk out or use another movement skill a few meters out then charge out, pointing your camera towards the ground.

3. Use Lethal Strike to avoid skills before Leaping Strike if you have Flurry of Blows up as to not waste Leaping Strike’s cooldown.

4. Keep your supplies at the bottom of your inventory, so that when you run out of something it will leave a hole and you’ll notice and remember to restock on that item.
Lost a crystal dying? Use a gear preset to put it back on while you’re still dead.
Block cancel after almost every skill using Axe Block to shorten the skills’ animation unless you’re using it to speed up the next skill in the chain.

5. The casting animation of Unbreakable is an I-frame.

When attacking a large group of mobs you can get the charge speed buff from auto attacking in one hit.

6. Try to predict where the boss will move to get more back damage time.

7. Use Lethal Strike, and Leaping Strike to maneuver for back damage if you don’t need to use them for avoiding damage.

Tera – Berserker Guide

You can have both a carving and power brooches and use them on separate cooldowns if you have keybinds for both and can get out of combat to switch during certain parts of fights.

Always be prepared to toggle Intimidation to back up tank in case the main tank dies or is unable to tank for some reason. Pop Intimidation, roll through the boss, and prevent positioning from being ruined.

Always start boss fights to one side so the DPS doesn’t have to move as far to get to the back of the boss and start damaging sooner. If you run with the same people often, keep the same side. I usually start from the left side.

As a tank, you should host parties and raids and/or just inspect people so you know how much aggro you should use. This is also important so you can decide which ranged DPS you’ll want to make sure the back of the boss is facing.

Always watch for moments when you’re unable to attack bosses but are still able to draw aggro with skills threat mods such as during the boss in Lakan’s Prison when fireballs go towards the center.

Know which attacks you can tank based on the healer you have to keep attacking, and draw more aggro.

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website, furthermore, there you will find the tera cheap gold you want, to get more information click here.