Abyssal demons are a migraine

So Slayer has always been my favorite skill since it was added years ago. I often play this game, and then take a 6-12 month break, due to having a busy life/job. I just came back to RS 3 Gold weeks ago. I just took up slayer again this evening. I returned to finish my very old abyssal demon task to find they have been changed, and in a very negative way. Previously, and for years since they have been part of the game, they would seldom teleport around the player himself.

This was entertaining, because it was one of the 1st creatures in runescape to add something to combating it. I noticed earlier that now they teleport the player around them self, while also teleporting around the player, at a rate of at least 2 teleports per second. This is very distracting, and hard to follow without full focus. It is very obnoxious, and in no more than 10 minutes has given me a headache.

Whoever came up with this less than genius idea, did not consider the health issues it could conflict with. People who get motion sickness easily, or suffer from epilepsy could be easily effected in a detrimental manner. Just suffering a headache from this creature, is enough to make me not want to play the game this evening. Please consider returning their combat behavior to how it was for almost 7 years.

Also, stop trying to be so creative, and change things that don’t need to be changed.