A new anti scam NPC at the gs

Tired of being scammed? Tired of WATCHING players GET scammed? Let’s give them a fighting chance against scammers with a new Anti-Scam NPC!

Debbie Double would be a great NPC addition to the Grand Exchange. I’ve noticed that a lot of the Doubling that occurs in the game happens at the GE. She could be what I like to call an “Anti-Scam” NPC. She educates players on the dangers of the well known scam called Doubling. If you are unaware of what the Doubling Scam is, allow me to define it for you:

According to the Runescape Wiki, doubling is as follows: The scammer will offer the victim a deal: If the victim trades the scammer some money, the scammer will then trade the victim double the victim’s amount. The doubling occurs in a separate trade; the money must first be given to the scammer. Doubling money, therefore, is a trust trade. After the scammer receives the victim’s money they will simply log out.

Debbie Double tells the player (s) the dangers of agreeing to “double,” your money with a scammer. If the player waits long enough, he could see Debbie Double yelling phrases, such as, Doubling Is Always A Scam! or Doublers Will Take Your Money! or Never Trust A Doubler!

It should be noted that the player could also talk to Debbie Double. She’ll be available as a source of knowledge about Doubling. What Doubling is and why ALL players should avoid participating in doubling.

Now I’ve noticed there are several Grand Exchange concession stands. Four of them, right? Well how about Debbie having sisters? That’s right. She’ll be one of four sisters – quadruplets!

South-Western corner – Debbie Double
South-Eastern corner – Wendy Double
North-Western corner – Cindy Double
North-Eastern corner – Jenny Double