How To Be the Most Strategically Sdvanced Berserker in Tera

Are you currently stuck on a crucial storyline quest which seems impossible to advance? Is expensive gear draining your stash of gold? According to the TERA Berserker guides, the tips and Tricks will ensure you will not face these problems. Providing selected tips and strategies, you will be the most strategically advanced Berserker amongst your friends.

Berserker Tera

Skills and Abilities: Curious to know which skill build is the right one for you? Throw away what you’ve known previously before making inevitable mistakes.

1. In PvE, race isn’t as much of an issue as with PvP, however some races do have their advantages over others.

  • Elin – Longer reach on Thunder Strike, but no active or passive bonuses that work in combat.
  • Castanic – 1% higher chance to crit from behind.

2. If you’re too close to a target with a large hitbox, using Overwhelm to get away might actually turn you around into the target. To avoid this walk out or use another movement skill a few meters out then charge out, pointing your camera towards the ground.

3. Use Lethal Strike to avoid skills before Leaping Strike if you have Flurry of Blows up as to not waste Leaping Strike’s cooldown.

4. Keep your supplies at the bottom of your inventory, so that when you run out of something it will leave a hole and you’ll notice and remember to restock on that item.
Lost a crystal dying? Use a gear preset to put it back on while you’re still dead.
Block cancel after almost every skill using Axe Block to shorten the skills’ animation unless you’re using it to speed up the next skill in the chain.

5. The casting animation of Unbreakable is an I-frame.

When attacking a large group of mobs you can get the charge speed buff from auto attacking in one hit.

6. Try to predict where the boss will move to get more back damage time.

7. Use Lethal Strike, and Leaping Strike to maneuver for back damage if you don’t need to use them for avoiding damage.

Tera – Berserker Guide

You can have both a carving and power brooches and use them on separate cooldowns if you have keybinds for both and can get out of combat to switch during certain parts of fights.

Always be prepared to toggle Intimidation to back up tank in case the main tank dies or is unable to tank for some reason. Pop Intimidation, roll through the boss, and prevent positioning from being ruined.

Always start boss fights to one side so the DPS doesn’t have to move as far to get to the back of the boss and start damaging sooner. If you run with the same people often, keep the same side. I usually start from the left side.

As a tank, you should host parties and raids and/or just inspect people so you know how much aggro you should use. This is also important so you can decide which ranged DPS you’ll want to make sure the back of the boss is facing.

Always watch for moments when you’re unable to attack bosses but are still able to draw aggro with skills threat mods such as during the boss in Lakan’s Prison when fireballs go towards the center.

Know which attacks you can tank based on the healer you have to keep attacking, and draw more aggro.

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