PoE is the Best Time Sink Game I Have Ever Played

Been looking for a new time sink as of late. Considered going back to Diablo 3 but decided against it, now considering getting POE. I’m aware it’s free but i’d rather not waste my time if I don’t have to. Just wondering what the current state of the game is, I’d be mainly solo but occasional multiplayer if that helps. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy poe exalted orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

poe guides

1) Don’t listen to ppl saying now is not the best time to start etc. Now is almost a perfect time to start for a newbie. Spend a week learning mechanics, try every active skill, maybe beat the story, bookmark poewiki, play around with search options on PoE.trade. Then if you like the game, Next week there is a fun Race starting and you can actually experience fresh PoE start.

PoE is can be very overwhelming, I’d recommend going to official forums check the popular build guides, preferably with videos, and if it’s something that you like, try your best to copy it and while doing so, try to understand – why this item is suggested and not the other, why this keystone on the tree, why this support gem and so on. I think its one of the better ways to learn PoE.

2) I have ~3000 hours on d3, got bored this season cause of no new changes. Started Poe a week ago, still don’t understand even half of everything but it’s so much more fun than current d3 because it’s actually about gear and not getting paragons + the skillgap is much bigger than in d3 imho.

3) With approaching 1700 hours in this game, it’s fantastic if you love going through the items and skills while trying to think of deadly combinations. The endgame is pretty dope compared to d3, where instead of just running harder and harder versions of the same areas, there is a whole progression system and focus on running maps that you enjoy with mods you like.