Is It Difficult To Get PoE Shaper Memory

In Path of Exile, it seems like every time some players manage to fill out a significant portion of their Elder influence with red maps (which is to say, half or more red maps), they still chooses to spawn his Guardians in yellow maps.

Thus far, some players have managed to collect only 1 memory fragment from the Guardians, despite pushing Elder influence into red maps consistently. Is there a trick to getting this done with less frustration?

Path of Exile

I have to say that it is so difficult to get shaper memory, unlike buy poe currency. You basically need 3 maps. The shaper influence must be on that map tier you are trying to get and the elder influence on the map beside it. You need to do 1st map to get elder influence on it, then do 2nd map to get shaper influence and the memory, and then do the 3rd map to revert it back to elder influence. At the same time, you need to pray hard that the next tier map is shaper influence. If you just do that particular map and you get rewarded.

And the reward you get for finally getting those last shaper’s orbs is to apply them to your map of choice, and then you will never see that map drop for you again. Because getting t15’s to drop is friggin rare as hell. If you have 157/157 atlas, can easily do all the content in the game deathless. The point isn’t that you can’t run t15s regardless of the cost. The point is that it is not really sustainable for the guy who wants to run them on a variety of maps without sextants or buying maps constantly (eg as the game was probably intended to be played), and that’s simply no fun for the guy with the character strong enough to crush any map.

There is actually a trick to it, at least for the early fragments. But I’m not sure if it works right now. Get shaper onto a map of the same tier you want the fragment (if you want fragment-1, get him on a tier-1 map), then buy the shaped version of that map and run it. The boss will drop the memory fragment 100% of the time.

Good luck to you, after all, nothing is plain sailing.