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Dark Pact Builds in Path of Exile

Dark Pact Builds

Path of Exile

When Path of Exile’s 3.0 patch launched, Grinding Gear Games added three new offensive skill gems. They also tossed in a host of support gems, but only three of them are used as actual skills: Storm Burst, Charged Dash, and Dark Pact. Both Storm Burst and Charged Dash have been regarded as disappointing by a majority of the community. Dark Pact, however, might be one of the new strongest meta skills.

Dark Pact Build 1: Totem Variant

This build clears trash mobs quickly, but its sustained damage is a bit lacking. You don’t have a wither totem to build up your damage because all your totems are focused on damaging. Also, the totems kill themselves as they attack, so you have to recast them often, even if the boss isn’t hitting them. The way to do extra damage to bosses is to make use of Vaal Summon Skeleton. It summons a mob of skeletons and your totems use their life to deal damage to the boss. This makes your damage a bit higher, and extends the length before the totems need to be recast. It also keeps boss fights stupidly safe, with 20 extra skeletons between you and the boss.

Dark Pact Build 2: Skeleton Variant

Dark Pact is a skill that was clearly made with the intent of using skeletons. However, virtually no one is doing that. The reasoning is fairly simple. There are stronger skeleton builds out there, so if you’re going to play skeletons, you don’t want to kill them off. At the end of the day, Dark Pact and skeletons don’t play nicely together.

Dark Pact Build 3: Self Cast Variant

The self cast variant of Dark Pact is undeniably the strongest. No matter what situation you’re in, this build is, without question, the most effective way to use Dark Pact. It’s slightly weak during leveling where Dark Pact hurts you more than you are leeching, but it’s significantly more dangerous than the other builds. That being said, the damage is multiple times higher than either of the others.

Self casting Dark Pact removes 6% of your max health every single cast. It also casts incredibly quickly. Once you’ve stacked enough damage to outheal the 6%, you can start flying around the map.

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Madden 18, The Worst Fumble In The History Of Digital Football

Madden 18

When you seeing only green and a rapidly-approaching end zone in front of you, and you will find the better feeling when you defeat your opponent in a competitive game of Madden. But when you’re pro gamer Big Gucci and a close suddenly, you will feel like your heart was shocked, and very sad. So this game is very high-stakes.
Bear witness to perhaps the most ill-timed fumble in the history of Madden, all of Madden. Not just Madden 18. In fact, this could be the worst fumble in the history of digital football. That’s over thirty years of video game pigskin, all boiled down and distilled into this ridiculous fumble from Eddie Lacy, who shockingly had the speed to out-run multiple cornerbacks.

Not only does Lacy’s fumble at the goal line hurt, but the shame is amplified as the hand egg is scooped up by the defender in the end zone and loops all the way around the field and scores a touchdown like prime video game Bo Jackson. Pittsburgh likely totals at least 130 total yards while bringing the ball to the house. Incredible. The worst part? This wasn’t a glitch. He dove.

It is not yet clear if the gaming system Gucci was playing on was inserted into an industrial incinerator later that day. This is probably the worst one but we still have some expectations with Madden 18.